MAZDA5 and MX-5 have been named U.S. News & World Report's Best Car for the Money in their respective categories for 2009.  Both vehicles took the top honors for their outstanding value and high critical acclaim.

The MAZDA5 won as the Best Compact Crossover for the Money, while the MX-5 won as the Best Sports Car for the Money.  The U.S. News Best Cars for the Money awards recognize 14 vehicles that earn the highest marks for overall value and appeal within their respective categories.  In determining the award winners, U.S. News has taken its newly released 2009 Car Rankings and combined them with total cost of ownership data provided by IntelliChoice.

"Given the economic conditions that we're in right now and the down auto industry, this award is extremely relevant and reflects our ambition at Mazda - to make fun and stylish cars and provide them at great value to our customers," said Robert Davis, senior vice president, product development and quality, Mazda North American Operations (MNAO).

The U.S. News car rankings provide an unbiased comparison of each vehicle to its competitors, helping shoppers identify the best cars in each category.  Rankings are based primarily on the balanced, diverse opinions of hundreds of professional auto critics.  IntelliChoice. measures both the target price that consumers can expect to pay for a vehicle as well as its 5-year total cost of ownership. Combining this data with U.S. News car rankings allows different models to be compared on a very useful metric - overall appeal for the money.

The MAZDA5 is a three-row, six-passenger multi-activity vehicle infused with sports car inspiration that efficiently transports people and equipment like a large SUV.  MAZDA5 demonstrates Mazda's infusion of stylish, insightful and spirited vehicles with excellent value and fuel economy.  The MAZDA5 is powered by an all-aluminum 2.3-liter, four-cylinder MZR series engine, producing 153 horsepower and 148 lb-ft of torque.  The MAZDA5 starts at $17,995 (MSRP).

Award-winning, segment-saving, world's best - just a few phrases to describe the legendary MX-5.  As the ultimate ride for sheer driving and ownership pleasure, the Mazda MX-5 is the world's most popular two-seat convertible sports car.  The heart of the MX-5 remains a highly-responsive MZR-series 2.0-liter, 166-horsepower (at 6,700 rpm) powerplant (158 for A/T models).  MX-5 is offered in an easy-to-use soft-top or a powerful retractable hard top, which opens or closes in only 12 seconds, making this the fastest power-operated retractable hard top in the U.S.  The 2008 MX-5 starts at $20,585 (MSRP).


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Mazda MX-5

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