M3, M5, M6 ... What was really lacking in this sequence was a smaller M1, which – with due respect to its famous predecessor of the same name – has now been officially called "1 Series M Coupe" by BMW. The engineers at BMW M GmbH are mighty proud of their smallest M-Racer, which thanks to an in-line six cylinder engine with TwinPower Turbo-charging and direct fuel injection, sends out a whopping 340 hp on the crankshaft. Alongside so much power, even a Porsche Cayman R must back off.

As one of the foremost engine tuners in Germany, the Manhart Racing Company, led by the engine tuning icon, Günter Manhart, will offer from now on a completely remodelled 1 Series M Coupe. The Manhart MH1 Biturbo stands out with its standard consistent increase in power to 415 hp, which catapults it directly into the same league as the M3 Coupe and the Porsche 997 Carrera GTS. The in-house sports exhaust system, including down pipes and stainless steel silencers, ensures not only a few extra horsepower, but also an aggressive sound.

Manhart MH1 Biturbo

This is of course still by no means the end, for, so that high performance can also be efficiently reached without large losses in traction propulsion, Manhart Racing built an in-house specially tuned coilover suspension and a magnificent Concave One wheel-set. The exclusive MHR forged wheels rotates with 9x20 inch turn forward, on the drive axle in 10.5 x20 inch turns, in combination with a 245 and 295 Continental Sport contact 5 set of tyres. For more down-force on the front axle, there is also a fine, handmade carbon-fibre front splitter, including a central bar. In the rear section, Manhart has built in a diffuser on the 1M Coupe, made also of course from high-quality carbon fibre fabrics. A set of quality carbon mirror covers completes perfectly the changes to the exterior.

For the interior of the MH1 Coupe, the experts form Geilenkirchen offer sports performance seats in the front and an Alcantara rear seat at the back, both enhanced with red stitching.


MHR full carbon fibre front splitter 1,990 Euro
MHR full carbon rear diffuser 1,820 Euro
MHR coilover suspension 2,580 Euro
MHR Concave One forged wheels in 9x20 and 10.5x20 with 245 and 295 tyres
Complete set 7,499 Euro
Performance improvement up to 415 hp 3,900 Euro
MHR stainless steel silencers 1,890 Euro
Down pipes 799 Euro
MHR complete exhaust system 3,799 Euro
MHR performance seats 2,522 Euro
Decoration panel 399 Euro

All prices include 19% VAT

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Source: Manhart Racing