dÄHLer BMW M340i xDriveThe mild-hybrid system used to support and relieve the internal combustion engine in many of the BWW vehicles works with its full potential when paired with the custom M340i xDrive "DCL Dahler competition line. This 48-volt mild-hybrid technology is based on a starter-generator and a battery and manages to reduce the fuel consumption and contribute to some power output boost.

The specialists at Dahler have put the factory-installed B58 power unit through some power-enhancing upgrades and have managed to extract all the output potential of the unit and ensure a rewarding driving experience.

dÄHLer BMW M340i xDrive

The upgrade pack for the M340i xDrive (G20/G21) "DCL Dahler competition line is consistent of:

  • Power boost level 1 "powered by Dahler": 320 kW (435 hp), 610 Nm (450 ft-lb) WLTP-E6d tested and approved for sale in the EU and Switzerland, with the corresponding supplementary warranty in addition to factory warranty.
  • Power boost level 2 "powered by Dahler": 334 kW (455 hp), 640 Nm (472 ft-lb), incl. increase of the series V/max limit. (In preparation)
  • Stainless steel exhaust system "built by Dahler" with the sporty, and instantly recognizable roar. Optionally, the exhaust system can be rounded off with 4 ceramic-coated 90mm Dahler tailpipes.
  • A conversion package with a power boost in combination with the Eventuri intake system.

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Also, optionally, buyers can specify their vehicle with Competition Coilover suspension that is specially tailored to the vehicle and provides a smooth and sporty supple drive.

dÄHLer BMW M340i xDrive

 Source: Dahler