Dragtimesinfo has published very interesting video showing stunningly powerful Lamborghini Gallardo UGR Twin Turbo with 2005HP making some starts versus a lot less powerful cars like Nissan GT-R Mk.2 Altechno A1 with 1200HP, Nissan GT-R Mk.1 DT 1200 R with 1200HP, Nissan Juke R Shpilli Villi Engineering, Shelby Mustang GT500 Stock with 667HP and Nissan GT-R Mk.2 Sportek Stage 2 with 580HP.

The powerful Gallardo UGR Twin Turbo managed to win all starts except the one versus GT-R DT 1200 R, where the Nissan manage to set personal absolute record on ¼ mile with time of 10.289 seconds and terminal speed of 239.52 km/h. The GT-R DT 1200 R also set personal absolute record on 1 mile – 24.756 seconds with 317.46 km/h.

Still, all fans of drag racing want to find out the result of the race between Nissan GT-R AMS Alpha 12+ versus Lamborghini Gallardo UGR Twin Turbo.

Stay tuned and enjoy!

Source: Dragtimesinfo