Here is a sensational video of Lamborghini Gallardo UR Twin Turbo, which managed to set new 1 mile record. The super sports car is powered by a twin-turbocharged 5.0 liter V10 with whopping 1500WHP (around 2000HP).

With such amount of power, the records are imminent and the Gallardo stopped the clock at 23.861 seconds crossing the 1 mile (1.609 km) distance with terminal speed of whopping 387.51 km/h. In this third start, the super sports car covered 1/4 mile in just 10.639 seconds with terminal speed of 245.56 km/h. Of course, this is slightly slow 1/4 mile, but it is mainly because of traction problems.

In the first start, the Gallardo UR Twin Turbo set 24.366 seconds with 378.15 km/h at 1 mile and in the second 24.264 with 383.38 km/h.

Enjoy the video!

Lamborghini Gallardo Nera UR Twin-Turbo

Source: Dragtimesinfo via Youtube