Jaguar has officially confirmed that next week, at the Goodwood Festival of Speed's press day, its recently unleashed all-new 2011 Jaguar XKR-S is about to celebrate its UK premiere.

When showcased publicly at the Festival (1-3 July), the new Jaguar XKR-S will be backed by an array of E-types including the rare lightweight racing machines and examples of all three generations of the iconic sports car.

The 2011 Jaguar XKR-S represents an extremely powerful machine capable of accelerating from standstill to 100 mph in 8.7-seconds flat before reaching a V-max of 186 mph.  It boasts sporty-tweaked suspension architecture, new springs and dampers as well as upgraded electronic systems controlling the Dynamic Stability Control and Active Differential.

At the upcoming Goodwood Festival of Speed Press Day, the monstrous XKR-S will be demonstrated by Mike Cross, Chief Engineer, Vehicle Integrity at Jaguar.

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Source: Jaguar