Irtwindale SpeedwayRockstar Energy Drink driver Tanner Foust has returned to the House of Drift and put on one hell of a show for fans. What is more interesting (and sad) though, is that this might well be one of the last shows in Irtwindale Speedway, which is considered as the spiritual home of the art of drifting in US, because it is slated for closure.

Committees have yet to announce details for the 63-acre facility, which is believed to be converted into a shopping center.

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As you might know, or remember, Formula Drift's first championship took place 12 years ago and Irwindale Speedway has been the traditional spot for this event ever since then. And now, what is more shocking, is that this year the contest officially sold out literally hours before gates opened for the main event. At the meantime there were about 400, 000 TV viewers that were going to witness the event from their homes.

Favorite to many, the high-skill and high-control sliding race variation originates from Japan and it is now one of the fastest growing forms of motorsport in the world. Vehicles that are especially tweaked for drift races often produce more than 1,000 horsepower and are especially designed to deliver enhanced steering and a precise behavior on turns.

Irtwindale Speedway

Although it is loved and ever-expanding type of race, the passion for drift couldn't save a place like the Irwindale Speedway.

Source: Rockstar Energy Drink