At the last week's Tuning World Bodensee, Irmscher, the Opel cars aftermarket expert has presented its latest masterpiece, the Irmscher Astra i1600. In this conversion, the small family vehicle is transformed into a compact sporty ride, which boasts more aggressive and mean styling as well as enhanced performance figures.

Retrofitted exclusively in Remshalden, the Irmscher Astra i1600's exterior benefits from an astonishing body kit formed by a front spoiler lip, new grille with carbon bar design, side skirts, a roof spoiler and sleek diffuser insert. Furthermore, the newly styled Astra highlights 18- and 20-inch alloys in "Star Turbo" and "Turbo-Star Exclusive" design fitted in wide, high-performance tires. For even more of that sporty feeling, the specialists at Irmscher have equipped the ride with 30 millimeters lowering module and fresh graphic elements.

In the performance compartment, the car's brand-new 1.6-liters turbo Ecotec powerplant is boosted to 200 (150 kW) horsepower and 295 Nm (218 lb•ft) of maximum torque instead of the stock 181 horsepower (133 kW) and 230 Nm (170 lb•ft).

Inside, the refined Astra packs Irmscher sporty seats, door panels and center armrests fully covered in premium leather and finished in matching color.

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