2016 Ford Focus Electric Fast Charge Program Ford decided to invest additional $4.5 billion in electric vehicles and the big plan is by 2020 there should be plenty of electric cars and numerous "green" changes that will make people's lives better and cleaner.

The brand will add 13 new electric vehicles to its portfolio by 2020. This is also the year that will also mark Ford's 40% domination over the electric car market. And finally, this investment is brand's largest-ever electric vehicle investment in a five-year period.

And now, one of the most anticipated Ford vehicles is on its way to us: Focus Electric. The vehicle will be available for purchase next year and features a special DC fast-charge battery that can deliver almost 80 per cent charge for only 30 minutes and projects 180 km (100 miles) range.

The new Focus Electric will also feature SmartGauge with EcoGuide LCD Instrument Cluster for customizable display for delivering real-time information about vehicle's condition, Brake Coach for training the driver on how to use smooth braking in order to maximize the energy captured through the Regenerative Braking System. Also, Focus Electric will provide agile steering and handling.

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Also interesting fact is that Ford team will focus also on the customer experience and not only the vehicle itself. This new approach is expected to bring even better research results and eventually even better vehicles.

But at the end, we will see for ourselves how good did Ford managed to deal with the task. So, what are your expectations for the new Focus Electric?

Source: Ford