Ford Fusion V6 Sport Front ViewThe newest 2017 Ford Fusion V6 Sport is now resistible to damaging potholes due to the addition of computer-controlled shock absorbers. Potholes might be sometimes unavoidable. However, the engineers at Ford have figured out a way to make them less harmful with the development of an advanced computer-controlled shock absorber system for the Fusion V6 Sport.

It has been estimated that the system significantly reduces the damaging done when driving down a pothole-riddled road. An interesting fact is that such kind of damages cost drivers in the U.S. approximately $3 billion a year and drivers report paying around $300 for the repair.

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So this system is Ford's way to make it in terms of long terms finances and driving comfort. By the way, Fusion V6 Sport is the first Ford car equipped as a standard with a computer-controlled shock absorber system. The other name of it is continuously controlled damping.

How does everything work? The pothole mitigation technology works by detecting potholes and ‘catching' the car's wheel before it has a chance to drop all the way into the pothole. The onboard computers analyze multiple signals collected from 12 high-resolution sensors. They then adjust the dampers every two milliseconds so that the vehicle can respond to any given road situation.

If there is an edge of a pothole detected, then the computer adjusts the dampers fast to their stiffest settings. In such way the wheel doesn't fall as far into the pothole. Even better, the rear suspension can respond even faster, because the signal from the front wheels have been already generated and provides a pre-warning.

Everything that we have mentioned has been already tested and recorded over a promotional video, which you can view below. Ford says that the results are worth it and that Fusion Sport will offer even smoother ride. 2017 Ford Fusion Sport, powered by the 325 hp 2.7-liter twin-turbocharged V6 EcoBoost engine, equipped with continuously controlled damping and pothole mitigation technology will be available at Ford dealerships this summer.

Video Source; YouTube

Source: Ford