Porsche Carrera Convertible There are some trends that come and go in the automobile industry, but it would be fair to say that convertible roofs don't fall into this category. They have survived the test of time and it appears as though they are here for the long-term.

However, if you haven't owned a convertible in the past, this is a completely different beast when it comes to maintenance. The typical Sunday morning wash doesn't suffice here; you need to take great care with the roof to ensure that it stays in optimum condition.

Bearing this in mind, let's take at some of the key maintenance points to keep in mind if you do own a vehicle which has a convertible roof.

You don't have to always keep the roof down

If you own one of the classic convertibles, like the Carrera, it can be almightily tempting to keep the roof open at all times. When you are cruising around the highways this should be expected, but when it is being stored in your garage it's not quite as necessary.

There's no doubt that these vehicles are built to the upmost standards, but it can be better for them if you at least store them with their roofs completely closed. When the roof is left open, the mechanics can start to strain and potentially deform over time. It can lead to a visit to a Porsche repair center eventually; which is obviously not the desired result for any car owner.

Beware of the snow-factor

Something else that you need to keep an eye on is the snow. Of course, this isn't going to apply to everyone, but if you do reside in an area which receives a lot of snow this is something else that can wreak havoc with your convertible roof.

This isn't necessarily due to the fact that snow happens to be very cold, either. It's more related to the sheer weight of it; this is something that will weigh down heavily on your roof and can ultimately cause it to deform over time.

Take the appropriate maintenance steps

Let's not forget that most of these roofs are constructed from vinyl, which is a textile. As such, you need to have a regular maintenance plan.

Generally, such a plan will involve washing it on a weekly basis. Performing the task by hand will work the best, but a car wash can suffice as well. If you can do this regularly, you can ensure that any debris that lands on the roof isn't going to leave permanent damage.

Don't let your car succumb to dust

Finally, we've spoken about all sorts of remnants that can find their way onto your roof, but let's conclude by talking about dust. If you are storing your vehicle away for the season, it's a good idea to not only keep the roof closed, but cover it as well. This can prevent dust from emerging on it, which can also impact its lifespan.