Alfa Romeo Brera S 3.2 is a recent project between Alfa Romeo UK and tuning company Prodrive. They released the limited-edition Brera S 3.2, which has lost over a 100 kg of overall weight thanks to use of front-wheel drive rather than the standard Brera V6's Q4 all-wheel drive system. The car also got some cosmetic, trim changes and suspension changes, but nothing significant.

Because of the last reason, Autodelta reworked the Brera S 3.2 with their own supercharging system. The project name is Brera S 3.2 "Compressore" and the car is suitable for everyday drive as well as racing on the track.

The maximum output of Brera "Compressore" is 352bhp and 435N/m of torque. By using FWD the car has no longer power drain because of the four-wheel drive system. The traction is improved by installing bespoke mechanical limited slip differential (LSD), which operates in combination with the car's standard electronic Q2 system. The overall driving experience is unique. Alfa Romeo Brera S 3.2 "Compressore" no longer look like a real sports car, but it acts like one.

Autodelta has more than 25 years experience in developing and applying forced induction principles to Alfa Romeos, so the result is just perfect.

The engine tuning is not everything in the tuning kit from Autodelta for Brera S 3.2. It also includes Autodelta Sportline suspension kit. The Prodrive suspension guarantees performance on smoother surfaces, such as racetracks, but it misses out on providing comfort for everyday use. The Autodelta Sportline coilover suspension can be adjusted to height and firmness with more than 40 different settings.

Brera S 3.2 "Compressore" will be exhibited at the MPH09 Motor Show.

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