2018-Audi-Q3-910The new Audi Q3 is here and it has a lot to showcase. This is the second generation of the family SUV and it is way more advanced, confident and capable, compared to its siblings. And just like its premium brothers, the new guy features extensive infotainment solutions, innovative assist programs and refined drivetrain system. Let's check out some more!

Exterior design

Q3 is way more aggressive and sharp-looking, compared to the older model. The new guy features new Singleframe in octagon design, divided by vertical bars and large air inlets. The front-end is pronounced and definitely muscular – it incorporates new Matric LED headlights with adaptive beam, while the sides feature symmetrical lines and tight body language. At the same time the rear features a long roof edge spoiler and steeply raked D pillars. Sweet!

Interior design

The cabin features taut lines, three-dimensionally styled components that echo in many ways Audi's flagship models. The architecture reminds of something classy and yet contemporary and successfully incorporates premium comfort features and advanced technological gadgets. It is spacious and provides ample place for both passengers and system controls.

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Drivetrain system

As part of the sales launch, Audi delivers the new Q3 with a choice of four engines – three gasoline and one diesel unit in combination with front-wheel or Quattro drive. The overall power output varies between 150hp to 230hp, depending on the drivetrain combination. Furthermore, all engines are four-cylinder direct injection beasts and can be mated to a six-speed manual or a fast-shifting seven-speed S tronic gearbox. Also, there's new sporty suspension that comes as standarf feature that ensures progressive and smooth steering, thanks to the tauter spring/damper fine tuning. Neat!

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