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Maserati are kind of strange cars and I will try to explain why. They offer luxury, but they aren’t the most luxurious in their class. They also offer satisfying power, but they aren’t the most powerful in their class. A feature of Maserati, which is unmatched is their style. When you own such a car, everybody knows that and people will not say „There is another rich Porsche driver”. The owners of Maserati are aesthetes. Now, NOVITEC f

ferrari 612 scaglietti by novitec rosso

Ferrari 612 Scaglietti made its debut in 2003 and still has a huge success. The car is super-sport 2+2 seater with a V12 monster under the hood. To make it even more individual and exclusive, NOVITEC ROSSO adds some special accessories such as huge 20 and 21” rims, power increase to 565 hp, stainless-steel sport exhaust system, new taillight design and some upgrades for the interior. NOVITEC ROSSO Ferrari 612 Scaglietti is equipped with specially developed three-piece NF3 alloy wheels in di

Novitec Rosso, the renowned Ferrari supercars aftermarket specialist has released a mind-boggling tuning program for the stunning front-engined Ferrari California. The newly developed Novitec program packs the sleek Maranello dream ride with more power, enhanced dynamic profile and undoubted uniqueness. In the terms of exterior styling and refined dynamics, the engineers at Novitec Rosso have equipped the fresh California with a sporty yet elegant designer suit, which is also offered in carbon-made version. Shap

NOVITEC ROSSO RACE 848 - this name stands for an absolutely unique high-performance sports car. Only three of these automotive masterpieces will be built. The two-seater car is based on the Ferrari 599 GTB Fiorano and celebrates its world debut at the Geneva Motor Show 2010. Underneath the striking aluminum skin that sports the unusual color combination of matte white and grey beats an extremely powerful heart: The NOVITEC ROSSO RACE 848 twelve-cylinder twin compressor engine produces 848 hp

novitec rosso edizione 747

Named after its enormous rated power output of 747 horsepower, not after Boeing 747, the NOVITEC ROSSO Edizione 747 marks the end of the Ferrari 430 model series production run. The Maranello’s lightweight super sports car is refined by one of the world's leading tuners of Ferrari - NOVITEC ROSSO, and its apparent. Under the bonnet of the special vehicle lies the new NOVITEC ROSSO 747 Bi-Compressor engine that boosts power output of the V8 that normally produces 510 hp / 375 kW by 237 hp /

novitec rosso ferarri 599 gtb

The perfomance kit from Novitec boosts the V12 engine in 599 GTB to 660hp, from the original 620hp. The power is increased by upgrading the ignition, injection and maximum engine speed to the amazing 8,550rpm. It results also on the top speed of the vehicle – 335km/h. The gear box is super fast F1 six speed with shift paddles on the steering wheel. They also worked on aerodinamics. The new front spoiler lip, rear wing and diffuser  were tested in the wind tunnel for perfect balance. The

novitec rosso tunes the ferrari scuderia spider 16m

How can you make a Ferrari Scuderia Spider 16M, built in a limited edition of just 499 vehicles, even more exciting and more exclusive? Easy, just take it to NOVITEC ROSSO, the world’s leading refiner of the sports cars from Maranello. There the open-top lightweight model is fitted with the NOVITEC ROSSO RACE Bi-

novitec tunes the alfa romeo mito

More power, great design and a sporty heart: NOVITEC presents the exclusive tuning program for the Alfa Romeo MiTo. Engine tuning for the two Diesel models and the gasoline-powered 1.4 TB model is complemented by a strikingly styled aerodynamic-enhancement package. The latter comes with a general operating certificate, eliminating the need for individual technical inspections. Also available from NOVITEC are 18-inch wheels and a height-adjustable coil-over suspension. NOVITEC POWERJET 2 is th

novitec tridente refines the maserati granturismo s

NOVITEC TRIDENTE now also refines the Maserati GranTurismo S: The newly developed supercharged engine represents a jump in rated power output of the V8 engine from standard 440 hp to 600 hp / 442 kW. With it, the 2+2-seater sprints to 100 km/h in 4.5 seconds and reaches a top speed of 315 km/h. A strikingly styled aero

A maximum rated power output of 808 hp / 594 kW, a peak torque of 823 Nm and a top speed of more than 340 km/h, all the result of a high-tech twin compressor conversion: NOVITEC ROSSO endows the Ferrari 599 GTB Fiorano with even more superlatives through professional tuning. The tuning is accompanied by an aerodynamic-enhancement kit developed in the wind tunnel, three-piece 21-inch wheels with correspondingly calibrated sports suspension, a high

707 hp / 520 kW, 712 Nm, 0 – 100 km/h in 3.5 seconds, a top speed of 348 km/h and extremely sporty interior appointments: Those are the most important characteristics of the Ferrari F430 RACE from NOVITEC ROSSO, the world’s leading tuner of sports cars from Maranello. The NOVITEC ROSSO two-seater is one of the world’s fastest and most powerful street-legal cars and starts at 193,277 Euros MSRP. At the heart of the snow-white racer featuring triple-design black stripes lies the NOVITEC

Higher performance through new adjusted engine electronic with modified group of curves as well as higher cutoff speed to 7800 rpm. Power-optimized exhaust system in stainless steel with 2x83mm outlets left and right. Stainless steel coil over suspension Sport (dual adjustment) including dual adjustable stainless steel shock absorbers with separated expansion reservoir at damper housing, compression and rebound adjustable in front and rear as well ad CAN-control unit. Aluminium spacers mad