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mansory porsche panamera updated by sr auto

Mansory Porsche Panamera Updated by SR Auto

Could a Mansory Porsche Panamera look even better? The answer is “Yes”, but only if it has the magical touch of the SR Auto Group tuning team. They have added a little color to this white beauty and brought it back to life. In fact, this particular model was the first Mansory Panamera in Vancouver, Canada, and this means that it carries a very special history. To be more precise, the Mansory tuning included here consist mainly of exterior enhancements. The famous Porshce model got new Mansory Front Bumper

exclusive: mansory bentley continental gt in candy red by print tech

Exclusive: Mansory Bentley Continental GT in Candy Red by Print Tech

Mansory Bentley Continental GT in Candy Red has been exclusively unveiled, showing-off its premium visual status and enhanced qualities. Powered by a V12 BiTurbo unit, the performance of this Bentley shows enviable figures. It is capable of covering the 0-100 km/h sprint for less than 5 seconds on its way to the Vmax of 180 mph. In addition, according to the figures given, the Continental GT generates 575 hp (423 kW) and 700 Nm of torque withi

mansory carbonado lamborghini aventador lp700-4

Mansory Carbonado Lamborghini Aventador LP700-4

There are only six of these Lamborghini Aventadors most, probably because there isn't any more carbon-fiber left in the world. It's the Mansory Carbonado - “Black Diamond” Lamborghini Aventador LP700-4. All of the additional Mansory body components are made of prepeg autoclave carbon-fiber and all fit “seamlessly into the car”. We beg to differ. The bumper is all new and redesigned with now better inlets. There's a new lip spoiler as well. The hood has been completely replaced and even the fenders which

mansory ferrari 458 spider monaco edition

Mansory Ferrari 458 Spider Monaco Edition

Hot news from Mansory, the Swiss after-market tuning house: A Ferrari 458 Spider (yes, another one), described as the Monaco Edition. Only three will ever be made and according to Mansory, all will be superior to the production ones in terms of looks and performance. It seems that no carbon fibers were spared at the company's grounds. That is rather evident by the fact that the Ferrari 458 Spider Monaco Editions are around 60 kg lighter than their standard counterparts. That said, we know that the front skirt ha

mansory mclaren mp4-12c

Mansory McLaren MP4-12C

Mansory has introduced the customised McLaren MP4-12C, which received both styling and performance modifications. The exterior comes with complete body kit including ultralight bonnet with exposed carbon-fibre sections, front and rear aprons as well as mirror housings and wheel arch extensions, which widen the vehicle by 60 mm. All components are made of carbon fibre and hardened in the autoclave under high pressure and temperature. The performance mods include a high-performance exhaust s

mansory audi r8 v10 spyder

Mansory Audi R8 V10 Spyder

Audi R8 V10 Spyder has received special refining program from Mansory tuning. The company's latest stroke of genius impressively proves that once again. The performance is also boosted by Mansory. The mighty 5.2 liter V10 engine from Gallardo now has 552PS (406 kW) and 550Nm (406 lb-ft) of torque, which is an improvement of 27PS (20 kW) and 20Nm (15 lb-ft). The exterior modifications include a complete aggressive body kit consisting of a new front spoiler, modified side skirts, a nice rear

mansory bmw 7-series f01/f02

Mansory BMW 7-Series F01/F02

Mansory now offers a tuning program for BMW 7-Series F01. The program includes both – styling and performance packages. The exterior improvements feature a new front bumper with integrated LEDs, carbon fiber kidney grille and carbon fiber GT splitters. At the rear, Mansory installed a roof spoiler, a new apron, diffuser and stainless steel exhaust system. The performance kit offers power increasing for both the 750i and the powerful 760iL. The smaller 4.4 liter twin-turbo V8 is booste

Mansory Siracusa Ferrari 458 Italia

Mansory has unveiled tuned version of Ferrari 458 Italia called Siracusa at the Geneva Motor Show. The vehicle features carbon fiber in all body components and the result is weight-saving of 70kg. The new components are a front apron including air inlets for the front coolers, a new bonnet and side skirts with integrated ducts. The rear window is replaced with carbon blades. Mansory Siracusa is powered by 4.5 liter hi-revving V8 with 590PS (434 kW) and 560Nm (413 lb-ft). The performance up

Mansory Cormeum Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG

Mansory are ready with their tuning package for SLS AMG. The project name is Cormeum and features a complete carbon fiber body, which weighs 90kg less and looks just perfect. However, Mansory SLS AMG also received a new body kit including lightweight roof, wing doors, front skirt with air inlets, wide fenders, which extend the body of SLS with 66 mm at the front and 84 mm at the rear. Finally, the tuning company added new side skirts, enormous rear wing with carbon flaps and a race diffuser.

Mansory Porsche Cayenne 2

Mansory now offers a special tuning package  for the Porsche Cayenne 2. The wide-body kit is made of carbon and polyurethane-RIM for maximum strength and lightness. The whole SAV is widened by  60 mm at the front and 80 mm at the rear. The styling package includes - front apron, side wings,mudguards, side skirts and a rear apron and a new ultra-light bonnet made from carbon fiber. There are also large air inlets at the front and LED lights. The performance package boosts the mighty 4.8 l

Mansory Lotus Evora

Mansory has revealed a tuned version of one of the best sports cars on the market - Lotus Evor. The car will be officially exhibited at the 2011 Geneva Motor Show. There are no further details about the Mansory Evora, but it will come with boosted engine, besides the new looks. The body kit includes a front spoiler lip, front air intakes surrounds, side skirts, a new rear bumper with an integrated diffuser and a rear wing. Mansory Lotus Evora also boasts  a carbon fiber roof, which will

mansory bmw x6 m - power over vision

Mansory BMW X6 M - Power over vision

Mansory has already released a tuned version of BMW X5 M and now it is turn to X6 M. The SAC received aerodynamic package consisting of a new front spoiler with bigger air intakes, a lightweight carbon-fiber bonnet with air vents to cool the engine, a revised side skirts, rear diffuser, a rear spoiler lip and a roof spoiler. The wide-body kit adds 70mm at the front wheel arches and 80 mm at the back to the tuned BMW X6 M. The performance package includes stainless-steel sport exhaust syste