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g-power releases the ultimate bmw m6 capable of 1001 horses!

G-Power Releases the Ultimate BMW M6 Capable of 1001 Horses!

This is a G-Power tuned BMW of the 1001 nights or the so called G6M V10 Hurricane CS Ultimate. There is a hint: the number 1001 not only shows where this car will go, but also says something about the horsepower of the car. Yes, the vehicle will be driven by someone lucky in the United Arab Emirates and they will enjoy its 1001 horsepower output. There is a story behind this project: the seed of the idea for this car was customer’s wish to d

what does g-power have in mind for this bmw m550d?

What does G-Power Have in mind for this BMW M550d?

Speaking about BMW is a tough task, since every car in the range has great characteristics. But when it comes to a G-Power modification on an M model, things get pretty serious. This is the case with this M550d, which has received a significant engine upgrade and some (minor) styling modifications. This BMW M550d is dr

this is the ultimate m5. g-power tunes it to crazy 740 hp

This is the Ultimate M5. G-Power Tunes it to crazy 740 HP

G-Power is a tuner famous for its admirations for BMW models. And specializing only in this single company’s products it has achieved heights that it is literally impossible for anyone else to follow it. Of course, we are speaking in terms of power, since this beautiful black M5 is capable of more than 740 horsepower

g-power bmw m3 gains more horses

G-Power BMW M3 Gains More Horses

G-Power specialists are mostly known for their exceptional BMW tunings and it is not a secret that they prefer to work on the M series. But who wouldn’t? The buzz around them is that they have revised their supercharger program for the V8-powered M3 model, thus making it gain 20 horses. But there is more to that. This new program also counts those who have already added a supercharger system. The benefits for them are the biggest, since they can enhance the power output of their BMW to 630 hp.

g-power has christmas present for mercedes-benz s63 amg

G-Power has Christmas Present for Mercedes-Benz S63 AMG

The tuners at G-Power have always focused on the sportiest car versions. Their latest tuning is an example fort this, being a Mercedes-Benz S63 AMG. Its mighty 5.5 litres V8 biturbo motor, was boosted via Bi-Tronik 5 V1 power module thanks to which the car now achieves unimaginable horsepower. The module records the in

meet the 520 hp g-power bmw m4!

Meet the 520 HP G-Power BMW M4!

G-Power has released a tuning program for the sixth generation BMW M3 and M4 series. The car depicted on the images below is the M4 F82 and it is driven by the 3.0 litres six-cylinder engine, which includes a “default” Biturbo charge that has served as the perfect basis for an additional power increase. Due to an optimization of the motor electronics, engine’s output has now grown to 520 hp (382 kW) at 5,500–7,300 Rpm. This is an increase of 89 hp (65 kW) in comparison to the production

g-power introduces the mighty bmw m6 f06 gran coupe

G-Power Introduces the Mighty BMW M6 F06 Gran Coupe

G-Power BMW M6 F06 Gran Coupe is the latest addition in the garage of the tuners. The biggest change they have made is via their G-Power Bi-Tronik, which is increasing the power output of the M6 Gran Coupe to the staggering 740 hp (544 kW) and 975 Nm (720 lb-ft) of torque. This means a power enhancement of 150 hp and 2

g-power hurricane rr bmw m5 e61 touring - 820hp and 790nm

G-Power Hurricane RR BMW M5 E61 Touring - 820HP and 790Nm

G-Power is now offering modified Bi-Kompressor system for the BMW M5/M6 E6X series. It can catapult the G-Power BMW M5 Hurricane RR Touring to 362 km/h (225 mph). The same powertrain in the M5 E60 (Sedan) is capable of doing 372,1 km/h (231 mph). The extremely powerful Hurricane RR Touring can also accelerate 0-

g-power bmw m3 e92 hurricane 337 edition [video]

G-Power BMW M3 E92 Hurricane 337 Edition [video]

G-Power has published a video with their latest project based on BMW M3 E92.  The G-Power M3 SK II CS Hurricane 337 Edition managed to hit a top speed of 337.6 km/h (210 mph). The updated M3 by G-Power is powered by a 4.6 liter supercharged V8 – 651HP (452 kW) at 8,100RPM and 595Nm (441 lb-ft) of torque at 5,900RPM. 0-200 km/h in 12.2 seconds and a top speed of over 337 km/h (210 mph). The tuned sports car also comes with a full titanium exhaust system with racing catalytic converters. G-Power will pro

g-power bmw e92 m3 hurricane rs - 720hp and 700nm

G-Power BMW E92 M3 Hurricane RS - 720HP and 700Nm

G-Power has revealed their latest project based on BMW E92 M3. The sports coupe has received a number of upgrades, but the most important is the performance package - SK III “Sporty Drive”. The performance upgrade include an ASA T1-724 supercharger, MAHLE forged pistons and new connecting rods. There is also a full titanium sports exhaust system and a modified crankshaft. The engine displacement has grown up to 4.6 liters, instead of 4.0. The result is spectacular – 720HP (530 kW) and 700Nm (516 lb-

g-power: bmw 550i, 650i, 750i, m5 and m6

G-Power: BMW 550i, 650i, 750i, M5 and M6

G-Power has introduced a lot of performance packages for the current BMW 550i, 650i, 750i, M5 and M6. First, the 50i models can be boosted by the Bi-Tronik III package, which can increase the power to: 490 HP (360 kW) and 685 Nm (505 lb-ft) 510 HP (375 kW) and 720 Nm (530 lb-ft) 540 HP (397 kW) and 790 Nm (582 lb-ft) 560 HP (411 kW) and 810 Nm (597 lb-ft) The pricing starts from €2,999 (excluding VAT). Second, the M5 and M6 can be also boosted by the Bi-Tronik III package: 625 HP (459 k

g-power bmw m6 f13 - 710hp and 890nm

G-Power BMW M6 F13 - 710HP and 890Nm

G-Power has announced their latest project based on BMW M6 F13 (Coupe version). It comes with a number of upgrades including G-POWER Bi-Tronik III V2 performance package, new brakes, suspension, wheels and styling modifications. The 4.4 liter twin-turbo V8 is boosted to 710HP (522 kW) at 6,000RPM and 890Nm (656 lb-ft) at 4,800RPM of torque. This is an increase of 150HP and 210Nm. However, there is a “softer” version with 640HP (471 kW) and 777Nm (573 lb-ft). 0-200 km/h in 10.8 seconds