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best cars for college students

Best Cars for College Students

Does your son or daughter need a car while they are away at college? Of course, they want to have one, but do they really “need” one? In all fairness, the answer to this question really hinges on where the school is and what kind of school it is. In most metropolitan areas, for example, automobiles are rarely needed and may actually be a nuisance due to parking issues. At more rural schools, having a car on campus might be more than a want; it could be a time saver just getting around campus

understanding the future of home audio technology

Understanding the Future of Home Audio Technology

According to a leading research analyst in home entertainment services, the global home audio market is expected to grow at a steady pace. Home theater systems are a popular option for homeowners who are looking to buy a quality home audio system because they provide a better quality of sound compared to in-built audio in TVs and other audio systems. The future of home audio technology is expected to change dramatically as more homes adopt smart technology and cloud solutions. For instance, the global market

three differences between past and modern-day engines

Three Differences Between Past and Modern-Day Engines

We spoke with the Service Manager at Thompson Hyundai in Baltimore, MD, and we were provided with a few ways engines have evolved through the years: Increased efficiency In today’s automotive worldwide have a lot of technologies that make engines efficient. For example, fuel injectionmixes the fuel and the ai

subaru impreza wrx vs sti

Subaru Impreza WRX vs STi

The hottest kid in town, the coolest guy on the block. Unbeatable. And then what happens, to completely ruin your day? 'Subaru' go and introduce, a new one. The launch, of any car, that enjoys the kind of, cult status, enjoyed but the 'Impreza Turbo', is one tense moment. Get it right, the world will love you. Get it wrong, well, I'll call you some very nasty names. So, let's establish right from the start; they haven't got it wrong at 'Subaru'. 0:54There's nothing wrong wi

2016 mazda cx-9 review

2016 Mazda CX-9 Review

You don't need to possess a large brood to appreciate the plentiful offerings of a 3-row crossover and Mazda's CX-9 has been giving its owners what they want since 2007. And now the long awaited redesign is here showcasing a more premium take on zoom zoom. I was a big fan of the original CX-9. Having taken it on numerous road trips, it always left a very favorable impression on the driver and family alike. But that was born out of the old Ford Motor Company days. This new CX-9

2017 toyota kluger grande

2017 Toyota Kluger Grande

Already one of the country’s most popular SUVs, this seven-seater has just been updated. It has tweaked styling, added equipment and more power from its V6 engine but the Kluger is also more expensive than before. So can it keep up with the competition? The Kluger is one of Toyota’s best-selling models winning over buyers with large interior proportions, loads of power and excellent ownership credentials. The 2017 range starts at $43,550 for the two-wheel drive GX, moving as high

2017 mazda2 sedan

2017 Mazda2 Sedan

I'm not going to lie, size matters, engine, platform, wheels, second row accommodation,and any parent will openly admit, we want to know how big the boot is. Then there's functionality, flexibility, fuel economy, technology, safety, the list goes on. At first glance you’d be fair to assume the Mazda 2 is starting on the back foot, but the reality is Mazda’s light car punches well above its weight. In August 2015, the sedan body style joined the 2 family, strengthening an already sol

2017 jeep wrangler unlimited

2017 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited

Strengthen your spirit. With heroic ability and option of handling outdoors. Jeep® Wrangler Unlimited gives you the most liberating way to discover the world and all it has to offer. With Wrangler Unlimited 2017, you can enjoy ample storage space, noise reduction, vibration and stridency (NVH). You will also get details such as illuminated cup holders, foot well lighting, and automatic dimming rearview mirror. With fender extensions, iconic seven-slot grille and removable doors and roo

winter driving

Winter Driving

Winter Weather Refresher Course Whether you’re a “snow bird” or just visiting your in-laws up north chances are high that you’ll hit some slippery weather along the way. And, if you do, it probably won’t be the high point of your trip because we all know that snow, ice and arctic winds aren’t a great deal of fun to deal with. However, you can fight back by being prepared.  In this article, we will quickly some winter weather driving tips so you have it fresh and ready to execute. Some

pros and cons of abs

Pros and Cons of ABS

Advantages and Disadvantages of Anti-Lock Brakes In the 2004 model year, the US Federal Government required that all cars sold in the US had to have Anti-Lock Brakes (ABS) systems installed. Before that date many manufacturers were installing them of their own accord as an optional safety feature. ABS technology has saved many lives over the years. This is because they are quite effective when controlling skidding when driving in slippery conditions. What ABS systems do is help re-esta

new headlights

New Headlights

Laser technology has been around since the late 1950s but was originally used just for scientific research. The word laser stands for “Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation” obviously an acronym developed by a well-meaning Physicist somewhere. Today, lasers are common devices are being used in thousands of consumer and commercial applications. Up until recently, lasers hadn’t made there way into automobiles but that is about to change. About the Technology The magnitu

avoiding deer

Avoiding Deer

Watch Out – Deer Crossing There is a certain time of the year when it is mating season for white-tail deer. Typically this season is from late October through early December and is characterized by, well, a lot of mating. Paul Peditto, director of the Maryland Department of Natural Resources explained it this way, “The breeding-age bucks, frankly kind of lose their minds.” And since that means they are chasing female deer, a lot of dashing around occurs. Unfortunately, much of this act