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Tramontana News

vilner is back with custom rimac concept one and tramontana xtr

Vilner is finally back… with not one but two concept projects: custom Rimac Concept One and Tramontana XTR. After the luxurious Bulgarian tuning company has been silent for a while, it was about time to raise its voice. And how it does it: with two projects that are more creative than ever. By the way, both cars have been previewed at Salon Privé Concours d'Elégance: one of the most beautiful, prestigious and valuable car events. As a matt

tramontana xtr - 900hp and 980nm

Tramontana is a car manufacturer from Spain. They will release the XTR model, which is a successor of the R model. The new XTR will be a two-seater formula-like car with driver positioned in front of the passenger. Both will be enclosed in a glass bubble. The car is powered by the well-known 5.5 liter bi-turbocharged V12 sourced by Mercedes-Benz. It will be tuned to 900HP (662 kW) and 980Nm (722 lb-ft) of torque. The power is send to the road through an "ultra-rapid competition gearbox" power

tramontana a.d.

It has never been seen in the automotive history a street sports car which resembles so much a Formula 1 like the Tramontana does. It is the first time in the sports car market that it has been incorporated a 100 % carbon fibre monocoque chassis inspired in the design of a Formula 1 and manufactured with the same criteria, guaranteeing a high protection for its passengers. Moreover, it introduces a new structural system that combines an indeformable central zone (cockpit) with a weight of 128kg