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2012 geneva motor show: rinspeed dock+go mobility system

2012 Geneva Motor Show: Rinspeed Dock+Go Mobility System

What is "Dock+GO"? Basically it is the innovative mind of the Rinspeed designers coming into manifestation. In fact, it is backpacks on wheels for electric vehicles. This concept vehicle was is a main attraction at 2012 Geneva Motor Show. It is specifically this third on-demand axle that is the crucial point of the inn

carlsson smart fortwo at geneva 2012

Carlsson smart ForTwo at Geneva 2012

What is there to tune on a smart ForTwo? It's 2.70 meters long. There are mufflers longer than that. Well, Carlsson beg to differ. At this moment, in Geneva somewhere on a tiny stand sits this thing – the Carlsson ForTwo Coupe. It excels in aerodynamics (apparently), it benefits from a power boost, it sits on some neat wheels, the interior is refreshed and mainly, it's black and orange. It's amazing how much you can do with so little... on something little: The 84 PS smart 1.0 liter, 3-cylind

2012 brabus smart fortwo ultimate 120 cabrio

2012 Brabus Smart ForTwo Ultimate 120 Cabrio

This limited-edition city sports car is based on the latest evolution of the Smart Fortwo Cabrio and is a successor of the limited-edition models Ultimate 101, Ultimate 112, Ultimate R and Ultimate Style. It carries the name Brabus Ultimate 120, which indicates that this two seater cabrio is a supercar with 120 hp (118 bhp) / 88.3 kW. Moreover, it has a top speed of 170 km/h (112 mph), which will be built in a small-series production run limited to just 120 consecutively numbered cars. The exclusive examples are in

alternative fuels: propane, electricity, ammonia and liquid nitrogen

Alternative Fuels: Propane, Electricity, Ammonia and Liquid Nitrogen

Yesterday we discussed two of the most popular alternative fuels – biodiesel and alcohol fuel. As we already became familiar, both are efficient not only in ecological terms, but also in economical ones. Given that the concerns around the global warming are escalating, I presume that in the future, there will be a great necessity for vehicles which emit less CO2 or are with zero emissions. Hence, this leads to the though that even more alternat

brabus smart electric drive and smart ebike

Brabus Smart Electric Drive and Smart ebike

Brabus have been known to the world as a company that produces mad, torque bursting Daimler cars (Mercedes-Benz cars mostly). But they also have 10 years of experience with the Smart label and this year at the Geneva Motor Show, the public will be presented with the Brabus Smart Fortwo electric drive and the Brabus Smart ebike – ideas for future sports mobility. "Like all smart Brabus vehicles these two new models follow our philosophy of more style, more power and more exclusiveness", says Bodo Buschmann, CEO o

some facts about electric vehicles

Some facts about Electric Vehicles

Behind the history of the electric vehicle are more than hundred years. Yes, I was surprised to find out this too. In particular, their history began in the middle years of the 19th century. However, at this time it was really costly to afford such automobile. Moreover, compared to internal combustion vehicles, the electric ones had much lower speed. Gradually this led to their extinction worldwide. Nowadays what we experience is quite the opposite. As we can see ourselves on the market are gra

2012 smart fortwo sharpred

2012 Smart Fortwo Sharpred

The latest edition from smart, which today has just “arrived”, is named Sharpred, because of the sharp mixture of colours it features. As you can see for yourself this smart fortwo is a real attention catcher: the red coulour of the tridion safety cell and door mirror housing makes a striking contrast to the rest of the black exterior. To go further into details, the exterior of the 2012 smart fortwo sharpred is characterised by the striking contrast of between two strong colours, namely

2012 smart fortwo price - € 10 275

2012 Smart ForTwo Price - € 10 275

Smart ForTwo has received a brand new facelift thus giving it striking new look, featuring an upgraded exterior and a fresh leather/fabric mix in the interior. It now has even more dynamic appearance, featuring a larger radiator grille with integrated logo, striking front aprons in a new design, horizontally arranged LED daytime driving lights, muscular side skirts and modified rear aprons. The chrome-coloured logo is now positioned straight on the black radiator grille. Moreover, the air inlet

2012 carlsson smart

2012 Carlsson Smart

2012 Carlsson Smart is now the newest tuning that a Smart can get. And as you view the pictures below, I am sure you think it’s worth it. Carlsson now offer this modification of the vehicle, which includes aerodynamic components, light alloy wheels in up to 17“ and complete interior enhancements in finest Carlsson Nappa leather. Besides those various possibilities for exterior refinements, the tuners now offer also performance kit for the Smart, called CK10. The CK10 enhances the overall

smart for-us concept grants mobility for-us

Smart For-us Concept Grants Mobility For-us

It is rare to hear from Smart (the Daimler AG microcar subsidiary) but today we have big news. Well, small actually but either way – A Smart For-us concept will premiere at the NAIAS at it is a pickup... sort of. With 3547mm in overall length and 1506mm in width it wont fit much farming equipment, will it? Yes, it does have a cargo bay but even that is crammed with two clever or rather “Smart ebikes” which sit docked at the back and keep their charges up by using the batteries from the For-us. Did we me

short preview on next weeks north american international auto show

Short preview on next weeks North American International Auto Show

Everything about this year’s North American International Auto Show will spin around small vehicles. As the population grows big and hence the customers of vehicles too, there is obviously the tendency of making more downsized automobiles. The North American International Auto Show will take place next week in Detroit.  In addition, there will also be a premiere of the automotive world's most eagerly anticipated new vehicle. The North American

2011 top 5 tunings of small cars

2011 TOP 5 Tunings of Small Cars

We have seen this year some incredible tunings which have left a big impression in our mind. However, some of the greatest tunings were made on … the tiniest car segment. In this top 5 are presented some of the most remarkable tunings made on small cars such as Smart for two and Volkswagen Beetle. The selection is based on the overall outlook of the car, i.e. the tuned exterior, the improvements made to enhance its performance, and of course - on the interior. SMART FORTWO DISCO BALL Num