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Rolls-Royce releases Ghost customization App for iPhone

Rolls-Royce has released its first app for iPhone and iPod touch. Already available at the Apple’s AppStore, the new application allows potential clients, fans and enthusiasts to fully configure their own Ghost, the latest high-end luxury ride from Rolls-Royce. The new app gives the users a chance to choose from m

Mansory Ghost - the most eccentric Rolls-Royce ever

Undoubtedly, one of the most eccentric vehicles at this year’s Geneva Autosalon is the Mansory Rolls Royce Ghost. The ultra-spiced up noble ride boasts a unique character provided by its flashy Gold and Blue shade, refined exterior styling and luxury oasis-like interior. Outside, the recently released Ghost is equ

Rolls-Royce Ghost at Frankfurt Motor Show

When people talk about automobile luxury, they mean Rolls-Royce. These handbuilt cars are just perfect, attention is paid to every single detail. From the optional lambswool floor to the integrated in front doors Teflon-coated umbrellas. The new Rolls-Royce Ghost will be powered by 6.6 litre V12 engine developing 563hp and the incredible 780N/m of torque. The classic discipline 0-60mph is achieved in just 4.7 seconds and the top speed is 155mph (electronically limited). Fuel consumption is 13.6l/100km and the em

Rolls-Royce appoints another dealer in Japan

Rolls-Royce Motor Cars is pleased to announce the appointment of Nicole MotorCars Co., Ltd, as its authorised dealer in Yokohama, Kanagawa Prefecture in Japan. The company is part of the Nicole Group of Companies which has been active in the automotive luxury market in Japan for more than 30 years. The new dealership, Rolls-Royce Motor Cars Yokohama, will commence operations immediately and is headed by Nico Roehreke, President and CEO of Nicole Group of Companies. Speaking at a signing ceremony for the de

Rolls-Royce Motor Cars Confirms Ghost Figures

Rolls-Royce Motor Cars has confirmed headline performance figures for Ghost, their new model which will be unveiled at the Frankfurt motor show in September. The Ghost will be powered by a brand new 6.6 litre turbo charged V12 engine unique to Rolls-Royce. This engine will produce 563 bhp, delivering a 0-60 mph time of 4.7 seconds and a governed top speed of 155 mph. The engine is combined with an 8-speed automatic ZF gearbox. Rolls-Royce Director of Engineering, Helmut Riedl said, “First and foremost Ghost

Rolls-Royce Ghost will deliver impeccable poise

Rolls-Royce Motor Cars will ensure that the new Ghost model delivers peerless riding dynamics by making use of the very latest developments in chassis engineering. Rolls-Royce Motor Cars CEO, Tom Purves, says, “The Ghost will be as refined and as cosseting as anything that this marque has ever produced. But it will have a dynamic vitality afforded to it due to the latest technology and engineering techniques. These have been bestowed on this car with the same care and attention as the more traditional material

Rolls-Royce RR4 Officially Named Ghost

Rolls-Royce Motor Cars has announced the name for its new model series which until now has been known as RR4. The name was announced by CEO, Tom Purves at a press conference held at the Shanghai motor show. The new car will be called the Rolls-Royce Ghost and production will begin at the company’s Goodwood manufacturing facility on the south coast of England later in 2009. Rolls-Royce Motor Cars CEO, Tom Purves, said, “We are delighted to formally announce the Rolls-Royce Ghost. It is

Rolls-Royce Motor Cars Confirms Further Details For RR4

Rolls-Royce Motor Cars has confirmed further details about the production version of 200EX, the experimental car shown at the Geneva motor show early in March 2009. Rolls-Royce CEO, Tom Purves announced the details at a press conference in New York where 200EX is currently being shown to potential customers on the

rolls-royce to unveil 200ex at geneva motor show

Rolls-Royce To Unveil 200EX At Geneva Motor Show

Rolls-Royce Motor Cars will unveil its latest experimental car, called 200EX, at the Geneva Motor Show on 3 March 2009. The car will be revealed by Rolls-Royce Motor Cars’ Chairman, Ian Robertson, at a press conference at 1.45pm CET. 200EX is a design study for a contemporary four-door saloon and shows the direction for RR4, a new model series from Rolls-Royce due for production in 2010. Philosophy Experimental models have always played a significant role in the history of Rolls-Royce Motor Cars, fr

New Rolls-Royce Coupe Debuts In The Middle East

Rolls-Royce Motor Cars has unveiled the latest addition to the Phantom family, the Phantom Coupé, for the first time in the Middle East. Stylish and agile, the Coupé is the most driver-orientated car in the current range. Materials used in the Phantom Coupé have been carefully selected to fuse form with function. The design and engineering team married cutting-edge technology with a stylish, muscular body, to form a car which is noticeably more dynamic, whilst still offering incredible comfort. “Outstand

Rolls-Royce releases first sketches of RR4

Rolls-Royce Motor Cars today revealed the first design sketches of its next new model. Known as RR4, the car is due to be launched in 2010 and will sit alongside the Phantom model line-up. RR4 will be smaller than Phantom and powered by a new engine, unique to Rolls-Royce. The design was signed off in 2007 and engineering development is now fully underway. The Goodwood manufacturing facilities are being completely reconfigured to accommodate the RR4, with extended paint, wood and leather shops as well as a s

Rolls-Royce Phantom Coupe

In 2006, Rolls-Royce Motor Cars unveiled 101EX, an experimental car hand-built to explore an exciting new design direction for a modern coupé. Wrapped in a sleek, rakish body, 101EX was an engineering-led study, showcasing the technical and architectural innovation inherent in the quintessential modern Rolls-Royce car. Both handsome and elegant, it encapsulated the essence of contemporary coupé style. So positive was the worldwide reaction to 101EX that, in autumn 2007, Rolls-Royce Motor