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Porsche News

porsche releases boxster and 911 carrera black editions

Two special cars are part of Black Edition series by Porsche: the 911 Carrera and the Boxter models. What do they feature? First to mention is the combination of black exterior and interior. The goal of the company is to highlight the timeless but straightforward elegance of the iconic cars. Both Black Editions share m

the latest porsche 911 gt3 r comes lighter, faster and more powerful!

Based on the 911 GT3 RS sports car, Porsche created a special customer vehicle and named it 911 GT3 R. It develops the stunning 500 hp (368 kW) and it is built with special lightweight materials and comes with even better aerodynamics, better fuel efficiency and improved handling.  Of course the ride comes with sporty performance and wonderful safety features. The 911 GT3 R features a special double-bubble roof, a wheelbase, that is further l

this porsche 911 turbo s nemesis is capable of more than 600 hp

It is time to hear about something new from the tuning world and this time it is not only related to the tuned car but also to the company. Under the spot is the perfect Porsche 911 Turbo S wich has been transformed by the Prototyp Production tuning company. The specialists have been working for a year now, but this is the first project we hear they are releasing. Since birth, the tuner has promised to make literally everything in-house: rangi

porsche 918 spyder goes for a special ride

Porsche 918 Spyder is on the lead on the UK road trip along with its brothers: Cayenne and Panamera S E-Hybrid. The dream car for many joins a special road trip around England and Whales. The lucky guy is Ingo, who won a special competition in Facebook, especially organized by Porsche team. Now he will visit numerous interesting places, while seated in the legendary 980 Spyder. Interesting fact is that, at each stage, Porsche fans will have the chance to sign the car as a memento of the trip. The trip itself wil

porsche brings the boxter spyder in new york

Porsche confidently starts the 2015 season by showing the world the revised Boxter Spyder. The supreme sports car will make debut at New York International Auto Show (NYIAS). We will be dealing with a machine that, as its predecessor, has autonomous character, which makes the Boxter a truly loved and anticipated model. Do you remember the hand-operated roof? Or the manual only gearbox? With the redesigned Spyder come not only these, but many more goodies. As a true and honorable member of a big family, t

kaege reinterprets the porsche macan s [video]

Kaege is a tuning company, which is obviously keen on German-made models popular for their sports capabilities. Therefore, a diesel Porsche Macan S fell under the expertise of the tuners. The first to modify was not the exterior nor the interior, but the engine. The diesel unit of nearly three liters of size received power upgrades and now can show-off with 310 hp (228 kW) and 700 Nm (517 lb-ft) of maximum torque. Next on their mind was the exhaust system, which received an active sound system. The result is an

porsche introduces more luxurious and elegant panamera edition

Porsche has just officially released a special edition of the Panamera and Panamera 4 which will be distributed in all markets around the globe. The cars will offer their future customers extended equipment and more horses coming form a powerful six-cylinder engine. They are exactly 310 hp (228 kW), but this is not a presumption that they will demand more fuel per 100 km. In fact, the consumption has been rated at 6.4-8.8 liters/100 km, while the

porsche 911 turbo s gets mcchip-dkr three-stage treatment

MCCHIP-DKR is releasing its first project for the year. Better later than never, isn’t it? In particular, it is a three-stage program developed for the Porsche 911 Turbo S. So, obviously, the tuner was not satisfied with the characteristics of this car, especially with those regarding performance and it made this ext

mystery solved: porsche revealed the 911 gt3 rs in geneva [video]

Remember when we told you about a mysterious Porsche model which is going to debut in Geneva? Well, the mystery is solved, since we have already at hand the911 GT3 RS car. The company itself announced this car as the “definitive track car for everyday use” and forgot to mention that you should be a millionaire or very wealthy to afford this. The price exceeds 200K of US dollars. Drive system, aerodynamics and design were optimized and the

porsche announces mysterious geneva premiere

Porsche will make a double world premiere in Geneva next week. We have seen the first car that is going to be officially presented and it is the Cayman GT4. The second model however is covered in mystery, since there is no word or even a teaser about it. The only thing that the company said is that it will be “another exceptional Porsche” that is destined to bring new standard in terms of performance. And does this mean that actually the company is enjoying making high-performance vehicles suitable for every

porsche exclusive shows an impulsive macan turbo

Then next car in Porsche Exclusive’s range of vehicles is the Macan Turbo. It is so charming that we immediately fell in love with it. The first reason for this is its intense colour, called Impulse Red Metallic. In addition, company’s sub-department has treated the Macan with various cosmetic tweaks. There is literally no official information released by the company, nevertheless pictures are speaking for themselves. The same hue, Impulse Red Metallic, which adorns the body of the car, can be seen also thro

eibach refreshes the porsche macan s

Eibach has released new suspension components for the Porsche Macan S. Initially, the modern SUV is dynamically pleasing but now it offers even better characteristics which help it stand out in any crowd. The car exhibits undoubted styling with distinctive elements including a clamshell hood; active grille shutters; a contrasting side blade on the lower doors; linear, three-dimensional taillamps; and staggered-width 18-inch wheels. Thanks to the new Eibach suspension features, the Macan S‘