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Lincoln News

Customers who have come to equate Lincoln with elegant, modern design, unparalleled comfort, unrivaled features and top quality have still more reason to favor the brand: the new 2010 Lincoln MKZ mid-size sedan. “The new MKZ improves on the success of the current vehicle with Lincoln’s new signature look, appointments that amplify and expand the Lincoln portfolio and a faster, more refined powertrain,” said Mark Fields, Ford’s president of The Americas. New for 2010, the MKZ features a new sport versi

The 2009 Lincoln MKS is the world's first vehicle to offer the THX II Certified 5.1 Surround sound system, which allows customers to play DVD-Audio discs and DVD movies in true discrete surround sound, as well as listen to CDs, satellite radio and MP3s through a 600- watt, 16-speaker premium automotive entertainment system. DVD-Audio is a specialized digital format known for delivering high-fidelity audio content and is cherished in the marketplace by audiophiles and musicians alike.  The exclusive format is of

While a naturally aspirated V-8 engine will produce up to 15 percent less torque in a high-altitude location like Denver (aka The Mile High City), the turbocharged Ford 3.5-liter EcoBoost V-6 keeps going strong, producing full torque, even at one mile above sea level. “When does a vehicle need lots of torque? When climbing up steep hills,” said Mike Shelby, Combustion and Emissions technical specialist for Ford Advanced Powertrain. “Unfo

Kicking off the weekend marking the celebrated Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance, Lincoln today confirms it will produce the Lincoln MKT, a premium, three-row luxury crossover based on a the well-received concept vehicle. “The Lincoln MKT reinforces our commitment to further expand America’s fastest-growing luxury brand, providing an all-new vehicle to the showroom that’s been crafted and honed for a new kind of customer,” said Mark F

It shines, it glitters, it energizes and allures. In fact, the importance and psychology of color is unmistakable, even in the automotive realm. "It's critical," says Susan Sage, Color and Materials design manager, at Ford Motor Company. "Color creates an aesthetic emotion. If it's a color that the customer loves, if it gives them that sense of balance and comfort, they'll want it. It can make or break a sale." Determining the color palette for a vehicle is no simple process, she says. It's a collaborative ef

relief at the gas pump! all ford, lincoln, mercury products developed to run on regular fuel

With per-gallon prices hovering around $4, customers are sensitive to every penny spent at the pump, and Ford Motor Company is leveraging technologies to help consumers avoid an even further hit to their wallets. Ford, Lincoln and Mercury vehicles, including luxury models like the all-new 2009 Lincoln MKS, run - and run well - on regular unleaded gas, a true competitive advantage given today's skyrocketing fuel costs. By developing vehicles th

Lincoln MKS, the new full-size sedan, makes its production debut, continuing the momentum for Lincoln and offering customers dynamic, modern design and some of the most sophisticated safety, convenience and comfort technologies available on any car. "The Lincoln MKS ensures a high level of comfort for all passengers, thanks to a class-leading interior package," said Brett Wheatley, Lincoln Mercury general marketing manager. "Abundant space, co

The scenario is simple. A Lincoln customer heads out to his vehicle following an early morning workout. His keys are locked securely in the car, tucked away in the center console. No sweat. As he approaches the vehicle and presses his finger to the glossy black B-pillar, a series of five glowing, red numbers appear. He enters a five-digit code, unlocks the doors and is on his way. Sounds like a feature on a concept car, doesn't it? In real

Lincoln is pulling the wraps off a head-turning new concept car at the North American International Auto Show next week, signaling its design strategy for the next-generation of premium American vehicles and launching a new engine family. The Lincoln MKR concept introduces a new design language of “elegant simplicity” on a four-door coupe that also features environmentally friendly amenities and fuel-saving technology, including its TwinForce™ engine. The concept’s 3.5-liter gasoline