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lexus team wins prestigious award for interior design

Lexus team wins prestigious award for interior design

As you might know, Lexus has always pushed the boundaries of styling and appearance concept. And even though we have seen some incredibly stylish interior design ideas, the luxurious brand has decided to focus entirely on a project that showcases perfection from the inside. The famous sedan, LS, has undergone a comp

lexus team showcases its 7-seat monster

Lexus team showcases its 7-seat monster

Lexus has revealed the RX L and there have been numerous kinds of reactions and we decided to contribute to the world of motorsport by sharing our own opinion. We should start by saying that this seven-seater focuses on small details and utility features. Of course, buyers will get a comprehensive and advanced drivetrain system, but this time Lexus team has managed to impress us by adding tons of features and handy goodies. In terms of exterior design, this is a pure Lexus machine – all the well-known curves a

lexus reveals an updated version of the versatile lx 400d suv

Lexus reveals an updated version of the versatile LX 400d SUV

In order to bring more refinement and power, Lexus team gears the luxury off-road LX with a V8 power unit. This means that the LX 400d now features the titanic 650Nm from mere 1600rpm and relatively low fuel consumption: 9.5liters per 100 kilometers. Not bad for a premium off-road beast, right? More precisely, this is a 4.5-liter twin-turbo direct-injection engine with 360 horsepower. This five seater also comes with pedestrian detection,

lexus showcases black line edition models

Lexus showcases Black Line Edition models

One of Lexus’ most prominent lineup, the RC coupes has always pushed the boundaries as farther as possible. And to be honest, we have seen incredible Lexus machines from the past few years. And the best of all is that the prestigious brand continues to deliver such advanced technologies and new engineering solutions. Such fresh new feature is the Black Line upgrade for RC 300 and 350 F SPORT models. It is an upgrade pack that bring both interior and exterior refinements. In terms of exterior, buyers get new ma

fresh and powerful: lexus ux suv is finally here!

Fresh and powerful: Lexus UX SUV is finally here!

You remember that we have talked about this sweetheart? Yes? Good, because time has come to make full review of the new fully revealed compact crossover. Just unveiled at the Geneva Motor Show the UX features beautiful design, bold engineering solutions and tons of utility gadgets. So, let’s waste no more time and di

lexus teases the sexy 300h f sport black edition right before geneva show!

Lexus teases the sexy 300h F Sport Black Edition right before Geneva Show!

RC 300h F Sport is almost here and we are lucky enough to get a glimpse of its beauty. With athletic stance and menacing expression the latest Lexus machine will definitely be one of the coolest at the Geneva Motor Snow. In fact, this is a special Black Edition that emphasizes on both looks and performance. It features wide range of revised exterior and interior details, all along with empowered and refined drivetrain system. What we see here

lexus teases the new 2019 ux machine. it looks as good as it sounds! [video]

Lexus teases the new 2019 UX machine. It looks as good as it sounds! [VIDEO]

Lexus has finally revealed more details about the anticipated UX urban compact crossover. Prior to vehicle’s world debut at the Geneva Motor Show, fans and critics have the chance to witness what this machine is all about and review its features and capabilities. The revealed visuals and video showcase a rather bold and muscular design. Of course, as a SUV the UX demonstrates voluminous body shape and clean, straightforward lines and curves.

sexy and agile, the latest 3-eleven 430 makes its debut

Sexy and agile, the latest 3-Eleven 430 makes its debut

The latest machine by Lotus, the 3-Eleven 430 has been just revealed and frankly said, there are tons of features that are worth writing for! So, let’s see what this bad boy has in mind! Let’s waste no time and jump in the most important component: the drivetrain system. The 3-Eleven comes with a supercharged 3.

lexus team reveals further details for the upcoming x 450hl machine

Lexus team reveals further details for the upcoming X 450hL machine

Lexus fans and buyers can now browse further details about the latest RX 450hL model. Scheduled to go on sale in April this year, the crossover showcases some pretty neat drivetrain and technological features. Frankly said, we do expect a lot by the latest edition of the well-known lineup. After all, Lexus team has managed to represent itself as a responsible and persistent manufacturer. What is most notable about the 2018 RX 450hL is that it

and yet here's another one! lotus is on the streak!

And yet here's another one! Lotus is on the streak!

Getting even better and better. Or does it? Recently, The whole Lotus lineup has undergone some comprehensive development procedures that have resulted on delivering us some incredible machines. You do remember the Exige Sport 380? And the Elise 380? And presumably, you do remember how excited we were about the Exige 3

sexiness overload: lexus presents 2018 lexus lc 500 model details!

Sexiness overload: Lexus presents 2018 Lexus LC 500 model details!

Lexus reveals some sweet news for all the brand lovers out there! The new LC 500h full hybrid machine flagship beauty will make its global debut at the Geneva Motor Show this year! Furthermore, the long anticipated LC luxury coupe will be also presented with fresh new V8 and pure hybrid drivetrain systems. As far as we know, Lexus team offers wide range of customizable combinations: there are these powerful over 400hp V8 engines that can be ma

lexus team gains more and more confidence. what more should we expect?

Lexus team gains more and more confidence. What more should we expect?

So, When Can We Expect the Hydrogen Lexus? Now that right there is a question that many in the automotive industry and automotive journalism industry has been discussing and wondering for quite some time. When will we get to look at this groundbreaking technology that Lexus has been working on for some time? Will it be worth the wait? How will it be designed, and most of all how will the consumer base accept or decline it? Let us answer a c