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kia sportage axis limited edition: is it that limited?

Kia Sportage Axis Limited Edition: is it That Limited?

Kia Sportage Axis Edition is here and it is limited to only 1,200 units. The latest Kia car is restyled and equipped with additional gadgets and yells: 'come and buy me, I have a lot to offer!' So, we will tell you if you have to do it or not. So, let's see what it has to offer. Kia Sportage Axis: not so limited The

2016 kia cee'd facelift debuts with minor styling updates and new engine

2016 Kia cee'd Facelift Debuts with Minor Styling Updates and New Engine

2016 Kia cee'd Facelift has been just unleashed! The car looks fantastic and includes upgrades in any aspect. Kia is also introducing a GT line specification for the first time in the cee’d range. More styling upgrades for the interior and exterior, new engines in the line-up and better transmission, are defining the feacelifted car. The changes will be applied to every model in the cee'd range. It comprises of the following: five-door cee'd

2016 kia sorento earned 5-star rating for safety systems

2016 Kia Sorento Earned 5-Star Rating for Safety Systems

Kia's 2016 Sorento CUV received the highest, 5-star rating from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. The 2016 Sorento is built in U.S. and it is still the best selling CUV vehicle with the incredible 100,000 units, that were sold for the past five years. The 2016 Sorento continues the tradition of high q

kia shows the custom 2016 k900

Kia Shows the Custom 2016 K900

Kia's Ambassador and the Fit For a King Campaign created K900. It comes with Custom Pear Red Metallic and it was driven by LeBron James inside the Madison Square especially for the NBA All-Star Game in NY. The designer team lowered the overall height and added incredible 22-inch custom wheels, tires, special headliner, audio system and many more features. But let us see what is really going on here. Kia Motors and LeBron James teamed up to create the incredible K900 sedan, that includes all s

kia sedona comes with full force

Kia Sedona Comes With Full Force

Kia Motors America's 2015 Sedona has earned 5-star overall safety rating, given by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA). With a SUV like style and incredible high quality components Sedona endured the front-impact, side-impact and pole tests.  The vehicle is built on redesigned components and brings not only a superior safety system, but also a pleasurable driving experience. The 2015 Sedona comes with restyled chassis and stiffness, that is with 36-percent greater than

kia premieres the fresh new looks and styling of 2016 optima

Kia Premieres the Fresh New Looks and Styling of 2016 Optima

The redesigned Optima 2016 is definitely a symbol of the brand's ever evolving successful model. The Optima is redesigned, yet recognizable and is geared with longer and wider chassis, three different engine models and the seven-speed Dual Clutch Transmission. At the start of the sale, the 2016 Optima will be available with five trim levels - LX, LX Turbo, EX, SX Turbo and SLX. As the previous model, Kia will be built at West Point, Geor

kia debuts novo concept displaying new design direction

Kia Debuts Novo Concept Displaying new Design Direction

If you think that this Kia was unveiled at the show in New York, you would be wrong. The car is actually making a premiere at the Seoul Motor Show, displaying its coupe proportions and minimalist interior. I actually wish that it was on display in NY instead of the Optima, which has nothing surprisingly new in it. By t

new york auto show at a glance. what to expect?

New York Auto Show at a Glance. What to Expect?

Some of the most anticipated automobile brands have recently announced their participation in New York International Auto Show. Mercedes-Benz, Jaguar, Ford, Kia, Scion, Aston Martin and Smart disclose new models and features, that are definately a must see. We told you about most of them, but let us remind why you should be exited. There are many things, that woud be on the world's press. The striking and crushing Vulcan debuted at the Geneva Motor Show. Definately a honorable addition to the luxorious hi-end

kia reveals first image of 2016 optima prior new york premiere

Kia Reveals First Image of 2016 Optima Prior New York Premiere

So, this is the first image of the future 2016 Kia Optima that was just revealed. And I am a little bit disappointed. The car in the photograph above has little to do with what we have seen from the beautiful design studies previewed by the brand a week ago. The sketches showed an elongated vehicle with flowing forms, and close-to-the-ground stance. The wheel arches were more pronounced and the sides were more sculpted. Judging by the photo, t

this is the next generation kia optima

This is the Next Generation Kia Optima

We have exclusively received the first sketches previewing the future Optima and you should admit that this car is simply beautiful. Like its predecessor, the first generation Optima that has debuted at the New York auto show in 2010, this Kia will be revealed at the same event, so we do expect to see it revealed on 1st of April. This model has done so much for the brand. First, it is the reason why Kia Motors became so popular, and secondly it has been company’s best-selling vehicle in the

kia cee'd gt line with improved turbo engine

Kia cee'd GT Line with Improved Turbo Engine

Kia is introducing the new Cee’d which is set to premiere at the Geneva Motor Show, along with a new turbocharged engine and seven-speed dual clutch gearbox. The car benefits from a number of visual enhancements as well. Conventional Cee’d GT, Kia Pro_cee’d GT and Cee’d SW can take advantage of theses sporty specifications, too. For the GT Line, the company is presenting its all-new 1.0-litre ‘T-GDi’ power unit. This is a downsized, three-cylinder engine designed to provide better fuel consump

kia’s mysterious concept is called sportspace and looks like a new charger

Kia’s Mysterious Concept is Called Sportspace and Looks Like a new Charger

Kia’s mysterious concept is dubbed Sportspace and although we thought it will be more like the Optima model, it actually has nothing to do with it. As a matter of fact, to me it looks more like a “Shooting Brake” version of the Dodge Charger Hellcat. The new concept has been designed by Kia's European design studio in Frankfurt, Germany, and will have its official premiere at the Geneva Motor Show in two weeks. It is visible that the car