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Jeep News

vehicle battery running low? here are some tips to enhance performance!

Four Reasons why your car’s battery might keep dying Extreme Temperatures Extreme cold and/or heat can stress the internal structure and chemistry of a car battery and induce premature failure and a weak battery.  In many cases, there’s almost nothing you can do about temperature extremes but it os a factor that you should know about.  Chemically what goes on is called “sulfation,” which is a build-up of lead sulfate crystals w

blowing the fuse: how, when and why

Have you Blown a fuse? Usually, something will simply stop working to indicate that a fuse has blown. For example, it could be the turn signals, the backup lights or some other electrically-powered item.  The solution is replacement of the fuse. This is what the Service Manager at Suburban, a full-service Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep and RAM car dealership in Farmington Hills, MI, says to do. During the course of owning a car, there’s a strong chance that a fuse will blow out.  You

timing belts: what they didn't tell you?

What timing belts are  A timing belt is a ribbed rubber belt deep in the engine that couples your engine’s crankshaft to to camshaft(s) above. Basically, a timing belt keeps the valves in the top half of the engine rotating concurrently with the pistons and crankshaft in the lower half. This is essential for proper operation of the vehicle! Keep reading to learn more about timing belts!  But not all cars have them  Today, some cars and trucks have timing belts, but some have metal tim

vehicle maintenance: what should you know?

What to Know About Dealer Options Here are some fabulous add-ons that you should consider for your vehicle: Performance Upgrades  Some dealers will be glad to add authorized performance accessories to your vehicle. Best part is that you may get these installed at the dealership and tack their price onto your monthly financing plan.  Floor Mats Good For Every and All Season There are inexpensive floor mats, and there are factory floor mats.  Factory floor mats are generally expensive but bo

can't choose a vehicle? there are people who might well help you!

Don’t have good credit? You can still finance a car! The first thing you will notice is that many lenders specializing in poor credit auto loans want to sell you a new vehicle. We know this is counter-intuitive, wouldn’t a pre-owned vehicle make more sense?  No. From the lender's perspective, a new car has more value and therefore offers more money that may be reclaimed if the buyer defaults on the loan. The lender also has

2017 jeep compass suv: confident and yet uninteresting

In order to celebrate the start of production at the new Jeep Assembly Plant in Goiana, Pernambuco, brand team introduces fresh and sexy Jeep Compass model in Brazil. What we know so far is that this one will be a symbol of personalization and versatility: the model could be geared with a total of 17 fuel-efficient

vilner with another unsurpassed project based on the strong jeep grand cherokee srt8

The Bulgarian-based tuning studio creates the ultimate interior for the mighty machine After a strong teaser campaign in Facebook, the latest project of the ultimate interior tuning studio Vilner, is no longer a secret. As the tuner says, the car is a “very special one”, but not only because it is based on the strongest among all Jeep Grand Cherokees, but also because of something rather peculiar. There are three initials included in t

one-off jeep wrangler sahara in black clearcoat is kahn’s next masterpiece

Kahn and Chelsea Truck Company unveil limited edition Jeep Wrangler Sahara that is available to buy Did we miss something last Friday? Yes. If you follow us regularly, then you know that on this day of the week we are posting our dose of Kahn Design’s tunings. What we have for you today is a project based on the Jeep Wrangler Sahara 2.8 Diesel 2DR. Chelsea Truck Company has also participated, thus making this limited edition truly limite

jeep team decides to tweak some of the models. details here!

Jeep officially announced plans and changes for the whole Grand Cherokee SUV lineup. Also, in order to celebrate Grand Cherokee's 75th birthday, Jeep team revealed more details for the 75th Anniversary Limited Edition vehicle. As you know, the car was first revealed at the Geneva Motor Show back in March. At the same time, the SRT line of Grand Cherokees has also undergone some slight changes. So, let's check out what Jeep has to offer. The r

jeep and garage italia customs honour montreux jazz festival with special lineup of vehicles!

Since 1967, the Montreux Jazz Festival has witnessed numerous celebrities performing and since its early years the fest became one of the most anticipated events in the world. And in order to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Festival, Jeep, in collaboration with Garage Italia Customs (GIC) reveal the Jeep Cherokee Jazz, Jeep Renegade Vinyl and Jeep Grand Cherokee Score show cars. Jeep Cherokee Jazz Inspired by the musical instrument gu

afzal kahn does his magic on a wrangler sahara to create something spectacular

Kahn unites with Chelsea Truck Company to create one-off Wrangler Sahara Black Hawk Edition Afzal Kahn has a magical touch on any vehicle he becomes in contact with and this week he had encounter the Chelsea Truck Company Jeep Wrangler 2.8 Diesel CJ300 Black Hawk Edition. The result is impressive and we couldn’t wait to share it with you. If you are familiar with the tuning that Kahn usually does, then you should expect here significant ch

garage italia customs strikes again with hell’s revenge renegade

Garage Italia Customs are those specialists who made shoes-inspired Alfa-Romeo 4C (link below) and basically surprised the world with this “creation”, which was rather strange. Well, it most certainly looked good. Now, their latest project is killing it with looks, too! Based on the latest edition of Jeep Renegade, it carries the name Hell’s Revenge and it will be making its premiere at the Harley-Davidson 25th European H.O.G. Rally. The