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Ginetta News

ginetta team announces details about a new supercar project

Ahead of the official debut at the Geneva International Motor Show, Ginetta team has revealed numerous details about brand’s latest project. Blending refined engineering technologies and Ginetta’s heritage in high-power low-weight road vehicles, the latest supercar is a performance-oriented machine with tons of capabilities. The latest family member blends Ginetta’s 1960s design concept and contemporary technological breakthroughs, as se

ginetta is ready to showcase the g57 sports car

The all-new Ginetta G57 will make its public debut at Europe's premier pre-season motorsport show, indeed the 2016 Autosport International Show. The prototype race vehicle will be exposed at Ginetta's stand between 14-17 January. Furthermore, there will be full and comprehensive press conference on Thursday, 14 January at 10:30am on Ginetta's stand. There will be photo opportunities and special presentation made personally by Ginetta Chairman, Lawrence Tomlinson. The G57 will come on a monocoque chassis with car

ginetta g55 - first renderings

Ginetta has released first renderings of G55, which will be added to the GT lineup for the 2011 season. The new Ginetta GT Supercup will be sponsored by Michelin and features two Ginetta GT racers - the G55 and G50. Ginetta G55 is powered by 3.7 liter engine provided by Ford with 370BHP (276 kW). The power plant is mated to a Hewland gearbox and fitted with cool air induction kit. The car also comes with new exhaust system and new body panels for better aerodynamics. The race car is priced

ginetta g40 first look

Ginetta is British race car manufacturer which is set to hit the market with the UK's first multi-platform real road and race car - the Ginetta G40. The Ginetta G40 will be fully road legal car and its goign to debut at the 2010 Ginetta Junior Championship grid which supports the current BTCC package. The all-new Ginetta real road race car will feature an 1800CC sealed Zetec engine and a proposed weight of 850kg. The car also possesses a fresh modern look and huge variety of racing orientated