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Fiat News

the smallest yacht in the world: fiat's collaboration with riva led to a beautiful result. [w/video]

Fiat 500 Riva, brand's latest model, created in collaboration with Riva is already available for order! With tons of exclusivity and neat tweaks, the vehicle tries to blend the best of the 500 lineup, along with adding these premium wood components that Riva offers. Exterior styling We do see an already known silhouette: compact design, straight lines and overall tight stance. And all that covered with exclusive Sera Blue body color. Of course,

2016 fiat 124 spider: is it that special as brand wants it to be?

The new FIAT 124 Spider was revealed to the UK media at the International Media Event in Verona, Italy. Arriving with that impeccable classic Italian style, the vehicle remains true to its roots, but at the same time shows numerous additions and changes. So, let's check out what the new beauty has to offer! Exterior styling Designed in the FIAT Style Centre, the vehicle comes with a well-known appearance, but at the same time adds and something

the impeccable italian style will shine once again: fiat 500 riva is about to be unveiled!

Two icons, two well-known symbols of automobile world and boating join forces to create an object of symbol and beauty. Indeed, the Fiat icon shows off a new exclusive made-to-measure look, especially created to demonstrate elegance and passion. Yes, indeed a Fiat 500 series is about to be revealed. Born in 1957, the 500 model quickly becomes a popular vehicle and a symbol of Italian style. In this so-called Dolce Vita era, the lineup proved i

from 0 to 2017 fiat 124 spider how free are you? [w/videos]

FIAT marks the return of the 2017 124 Spider with debut of two videos, named "Free Like a Bird" and "No Blue Pill Needed". The videos will be available for watching on brand's official Youtube, Twitter and Facebook channels. The FIAT brand marks the return of the all-new 2017 Fiat 124 Spider with the debut of two ne

playboy’s 2016 playmate of the year wins 2017 fiat 124 spider

2017 Fiat 124 Spider is the new jewel, which will be a cohort of Playboy’s 2016 Playmate of the Year, Eugena Washington. The accomplished model and actress from Palmdale, California won the title and along with it, the seductive beauty queen also received $100,000 USD in prize money as well as two-year lease on the 2017 Fiat 124 Spider. Washington is currently featured on the cover and included within a 10-page pictorial inside Playboy’s June

bilstein builds captain america’s car based on fiat 500 cinquone

If you have ever wondered if Captain America had a car what it would be, then we have the answer. And it is the newest tuning project of the specialist at Bilstein. Maybe you’d be surprised at what car they have actually chosen, but we assure you that the result looks just great. As a basis the tuning experts worked on the Fiat 500 from Romeo Ferraris. The exterior is in the spirit of the Avenger superhero: it features stars and stripes on t

fiat professional unveils the fresh fioriono. here is all you need to know

2016 FIAT Fiorino retains the compact dimensions and offers even better agility, when it comes to city driving, even when the vehicle is loaded with luggage. Definitely an interesting vehicle, the Fiorino has caught our attention since its first release and the impressive 370,000 units sold. So, let's see what this sweetie has to offer. Exterior and interior styling In terms of appearance, the vehicle demonstrates completely restyled front bump

stylish and useful, fiat talento is ready to aid those in need

FIAT Professional unveils the Talento: a vehicle with vast load capacity that is especially created to aid all the workmates all there through the streets and major roads. Thanks to its great versatility and agility, this vehicle is adaptive and flexible, but also brings convenience and comfort. In fact, its name, as you might have already figured out, comes from the name of ancient coin: the Talent and FIAT chose this name because of the symboli