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gemballa mig-u1 - a highly refined ferrari enzo

Gemballa MIG-U1 - a highly refined Ferrari Enzo

The German automobile manufacturer Gemballa, renowned for its high-end tuned Porsche vehicles has revealed its latest project, the Gemballa MIG-U1. Boasting an amazingly sophisticated, FXX-like exterior vision, the highly customized Ferrari Enzo is an individually produced edition, limited to only 25 units. The jet-fighter inspired Gemballa MIG-U1 is distinguished by an entirely restyled aerodynamics package made of real carbon that combines low weight with high material strength. It packs a number of brand's we

Ferrari presents P540 Superfast Aperta restyled by Pininfarina

At Fiorano, as a part of new Special Projects programme, the world renowned supercar brand Ferrari unveiled the unique P540 Superfast Aperta, an exclusive one-of-a-kind vehicle built specially for Edward Walson, son of John Walson, the inventor of cable TV. Inspired by a unique gold-coloured Ferrari from Fellini's masterpiece - Toby Dammit, a forty minute film made in 1968, the collectors edition vehicle is based on the Ferrari’s famous 599 GTB

Wimmer adds more power to the Ferrari F430 Scuderia

At the Essen Motor Show, Wimmer RS will present its tuning programme for the stunning Ferrari F430 Scuderia. The famous red sports car excels as a true race ride with striking sport characteristics and  dynamics, which are taken to a whole new level with the new refinement programme from Wimmer. The tuned F430 Scud

Ferrari 599 China sold to anonymous Shanghai client

The astonishing one-of-a-kind Ferrari 599 China has found its owner. An anonymous client from Shanghai won the unique Ferrari 599 China for a price of about 1.2 million euro (including taxes). The auction was held at the Gala dinner organised by Ferrari at the Red Gate Gallery in Beijing. The special model decorated

Ferrari World Abu Dhabi - brings the space to your face

Located on the Yas Island and covering more than 200,000 m2 (2,152,782 sq ft), the world’s first Ferrari theme park is no doubt the largest and impressive attraction of its kind. Ferrari World Abu Dhabi’s sleek body design is inspired by the classic double curve side profile of the Ferrari GT body and carries the l

novitec rosso edizione 747

NOVITEC ROSSO Edizione 747

Named after its enormous rated power output of 747 horsepower, not after Boeing 747, the NOVITEC ROSSO Edizione 747 marks the end of the Ferrari 430 model series production run. The Maranello’s lightweight super sports car is refined by one of the world's leading tuners of Ferrari - NOVITEC ROSSO, and its apparent. Under the bonnet of the special vehicle lies the new NOVITEC ROSSO 747 Bi-Compressor engine that boosts power output of the V8 that normally produces 510 hp / 375 kW by 237 hp /

Ferrari 599 GTB Fiorano China Limited Edition

The limited edition of 599 GTB Fiorano will be auctioned on the 3rd of November at a special Gala Auction Event hosted by Ferrari in Beijing. The exterior of Ferrari 599 GTB Fiorano China Limited Edition is inspired from Ge Kiln porcelain of the Song Dynasty. The Chinese artist Lu Hao used a “cracked” glaze pattern, which is elegantly coloured. This pattern symbolizes the qualities of a true gentleman. Only a few hundred pieces of Ge Kiln porcelain exist today, all of which are priceless treasures. Fiorano C

asi ferrari 458 italia - first rendering

ASI Ferrari 458 Italia - first rendering

Satoshi Kondo - ASI Corp. CEO announced that they are certainly working on a body kit for Ferrari’s hot new 458 Italia. Still tweaking the design, ASI is already offering us two rendered images of possible designs. No doubt, the renderings are looking pretty impressive. Subtle and even more sporty, the new ASI custom body kit design remains benefit mysterious. But hey, we can still guess...right?

hamann ferrari california

Hamann Ferrari California

No doubt, Ferrari California is an extraordinary and passionate sports car, but after the HAMANN Motorsport exclusive refining programme showcased at the 63rd Frankfurt Motor Show, the unique automobile is ready to make the hearts of real Ferrari fans beat even faster. With their unique detailing and optimization in every aspect of the special modifacation, HAMANN tuners proved once again that refining super sports cars is more than just business. Wisely engineered, the HAMANN aerodynamics ki

edo enzo xx evolution

edo Enzo XX Evolution

No Doubt, Ferrari Enzo is one of the world’s most exclusive cars, with its 6.0 litre 12 cylinder mid-engine berlinetta capable of prodicing 660 horsepower and passionate Maranello racing design, this high-performance sports car is ready to put the thrill into driving. Imagine, Ferrari Enzo boosted to 840 horsepower and 100 kilograms (220 lb) lighter. Well.... we don’t need to imagine no more, it’s here - edo competition Enzo XX Evolution. A bump in displacement from 6.0 to 6.3 liters

Ferrari 458 Italia - Live at Frankfurt Motor Show

Live at the Frankfurt Motor show, Ferrari unveiled the brand new 458 Italia. Looking even better in person, the 8-cylinder two-seater berlinetta with a mid-rear mounted engine is a milestone in Maranello’s manufacture of high-performance sports cars. The Ferrari 458 Italia’s technological innovations inspired directly from the race track, and Michael Schumacher’s contribution right from the early stages of the project speaks for a vehicle ready to fulfil the expectations and ambitions of even the most passion

Pininfarina design - link between the biggest

Pininfarina design comes into its own at the Frankfurt Motor Show, thanks to the novelties presented by two prestigious customers, Ferrari and Maserati. The Show hosts the world debut of the Ferrari 458 Italia, a new generation rear-engined berlinetta, and the Maserati GranCabrio, the first four-seater cabriolet in Maserati history. The new Ferrari 458 Italia marks a generation leap for 8-cylinder mid-rear engined cars with a strong racing temperament from the Maranello Company. The new car is a synthesis of tec