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chevrolet showed the 2016 corvette z06 c7 r edition

Chevrolet Showed the 2016 Corvette Z06 C7 R Edition

Chevy finally showed the 2016 Corvette Z06 C7.R Edition. This is a racecar, capable of conquering both the casual road and the tracks, especially made for race. The vehicle comes in two colors: signature yellow or black and numerous interior and exterior features. In fact, only 500 units will be including the special Z

g80 locking rear differential is the new big thing about chevy trucks

G80 Locking Rear Differential is the New Big Thing about Chevy Trucks

G80 is the order code name of the new locking rear differential that Chevrolet trucks will be supplied with. This feature makes the most of traction for slick surfaces when the truck needs to get the job done. Despite of the weather or season, Chevy says that this automatic rear axle can help keep the truck moving ahead due to the improved confidence and control. How does it work? The G80 automatically locks if one wheel starts to spin. This i

callaway debuts custom chevy corvette z06 at national corvette museum

Callaway Debuts Custom Chevy Corvette Z06 at National Corvette Museum

Today is the big reveal of Callaway’s 2015 Chevy Corvette Z06 which will happen at the National Corvette Museum. Although the company did not release much of visual information on the car, it disclosed the details on the new package. The car is based on the Z06 and can achieve almost limitless levels of power. The reason for this is that the modified by Callaway horsepower and torque are currently awaiting final validation. Precisely, the co

chevrolet premieres fnr autonomous electric concept in shanghai

Chevrolet Premieres FNR Autonomous Electric Concept in Shanghai

Meet the Chevrolet-FNR. This is an autonomous electric concept currently on display at the Shanghai Auto Show. One rarely expects an EV that drives alone from a company such as Chevrolet, but times and trends are changing very fast and the automakers are transforming their future strategies respectively. The concept is an example for “mobility of the future” and was developed specifically for the event. The aim of the team behind this proj

chevrolet camaro teasers

2016 Chevrolet Camaro Teasers

We are all waiting impatiently for the big reveal of the sixth generation Camaro on 16th of May, but until then we can at least enjoy some teasers regarding its structure. The company has released two new images depicting the engine and the exhaust. You can view them below in the gallery (they are the last two photos). More importantly, the company released the news that the car will be equipped with new Drive Mode Selector, which will make most of its performance and will feature multiple drive

general motors auctions first 2016 cadillac ct6

General Motors Auctions First 2016 Cadillac CT6

The first 2016 Cadillac CT6 Sedan will be auctioned for charity along with five other vehicles. The proceeds will go to the Karmanos Cancer Institute. At the Barrett-Jackson event will happen at the Annual Palm Beach auction in Palm Beach, Florida, this weekend. General Motors has donated the #3001 CT6 Sedan to the Karmanos center of research, patient care and education. The institute focuses on early detection and prevention, treatment and eradication of cancer. The person buying this Cadillac will not only mak

chevy spark is offered on an incredible price

Chevy Spark is Offered on An Incredible Price

Chevrolet just announced, that the Spark EV 1LT will come with a really tasty price. And depending to the individual customization and tax and finance situation it can get into further variations. California and Maryland Spark EV owners could also qualify for rebates and excise exemption. Definitely good news for all the Chevy fans and customers. In fact, with all the federation tax and fee credits, the Chevy Spark price can go even lower. But even with the wonderful price of the wonderful car, future customers

a special camaro for a special event

A Special Camaro for a Special Event

Chevy is selling the first 2015 COPO Camaro sport vehicle to raise money for the Achilles Freedom Team of Wounded Veterans (AFTW) campaign. The hand-built monster will be sold on Saturday, April, 18. The whole winning bid will be given to the non-profit organization AFTW, that helps disabled people to improve their physical abilities. Chevrolet showed the 2015 COPO Camaro  last fall at the SEMA show in Las Vegas. The incredible look includes the Abalone White exterior and the monstrous 350-c

redesigned silverado models come in monochromatic colors

Redesigned Silverado Models Come in Monochromatic Colors

Chevrolet shows monochromatic looks to the Silverado 2500 HD and 3500 HD models. The HDs include colored front and rear bumpers, body-colored grille, chrome door handles and chrome  mirrors. Other extras include 20-inch polished aluminum wheels, available for the 2500 model and 18-inch polished aluminum wheels for the

2016 chevy spark goes brighter

2016 Chevy Spark Goes Brighter

Chevy introduces the 2016 Spark - a slick looking and improved heir of the 2015 Spark. It comes with a modified engine, improved fuel consumption efficiency and incredible safety system. The new Spark also includes a longer wheelbase, improved aerodynamics and overall weight reduction. And, as always, it shows us not just its superior performance, but also the wonderful design - both for the interior and exterior. And when it comes to design and looks, Chevy team knows how it's done. The

chevrolet premieres malibu generation nine

Chevrolet Premieres Malibu Generation Nine

2016 Chevrolet Malibu is the main highlight at General Motors’ stand at the New York Auto Show. The new model is entirely redesigned and can show-off with a host of exclusive features like the new connectivity and safety systems. Not to mention the enhanced efficiency due to the new hybrid powertrain. The eco-friendly technology was taken directly from the Volt model and then adapted to the needs of the larger car. Precisely, the estimated combined fuel economy is more than 45 mpg. To compare this number, the st

gen 6 camaro to shed 200 pounds

Gen 6 Camaro to Shed 200 Pounds

2016 Chevrolet Camaro is not going to debut at the New York Auto Show. Instead, it is going to do that at its own special event at Belle Isle Park in Detroit. We have already heard its engine and now it is time for more details that reveal the untamed nature of the car. The team behind the construction of the sixth generation Camaro was challenged to bring about more from the handling, acceleration and to make sure that the fuel efficiency is even better. This was a really tough task, because