2017 Wimmer Mercedes-Benz C 63Wimmer. It almost sounds as a Winner. And behaves like one! Wimmer Rennsporttechnik in Solingen has proven itself as one of the best and most comprehensive tuners for the past 25 years. And even after a quarter of decade of dominating, the team does not stop impressing the audience: whether clients want a complex compressor upgrade, comprehensive exhaust system or chip tuning, Wimmer will have the job done.

And now the crew proudly showcases it's latest project: a fine-tuned and optimized Mercedes-Benz C 63 AMG S. This machine has undergone some comprehensive revision procedure and numerous alterations. Let's start with the drivetrain system, shall we? The original Mercedes-AMG system delivers a total of 510hp (375kW) and 700Nm, which was simply considered as simply not enough. Now, the revised drivetrain system is capable of delivering a total of 801hp (589kW) and the massive 900Nm of torque. Impressive, isn't it?

2017 Wimmer Mercedes-Benz C 63

Further improvements include revised turbo charger, nozzles and fuel pump. There was a new water pomp installed and an exclusive stainless steel exhaust system. Of course, muscular system as this one is nothing without some stability and handling upgrades. Drivers will benefit from a revised KW coilover suspension version 3, wheel-tire-combination of BBS rims in 9x20 with 245/30-20 tires on the front axle and 10x20 with 265/20-30 on the rear axle and a Y-pipe with sporty catalystic features. Neat.

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Of course, there are also some neat stylish changes: the vehicle showcases a neat green finish, with a large WIMMER banner on both sides. Also notable is the black/green race flag that adds a kick to that overall sporty appearance of the vehicle.

2017 Wimmer Mercedes-Benz C 63

At the end, we do like this project. The thing that we loved the most is that Wimmer team did not hide these classic and notable Mercedes-AMG features. It only made them more expressive and decided to contribute with its own signature in such a delicate way that it is almost impossible to say that this particular Mercedes-AMG vehicle is complete without the Wimmer touch.

2017 Wimmer Mercedes-Benz C 63