2020 New Car A lot of people are on a continuous lookout for their new car. It can seem like there are so many viable options out there, but in reality, you should only be looking at a specific set of cars as your next daily driver. We have assembled a short, but hopefully insightful article/guide for people who are looking into buying a new car. We will list simple tips and guidelines which to follow when looking for a new car to be the most satisfied with your purchase.

A sedan is always a sensible choice

Of course, four-door coupes and fastbacks are good as well, but when compared against sedans, they are much more expensive. Sedan cars have everything any owner could need. They are large enough for a family of four or even five while also having decent head & leg room as well as tons of boot space. What is also notable is the fact that a lot of people prefer the looks of sedan cars over other car body types but they're afraid that these cars just don't have enough space in them. But, all in all – any saloon/sedan will cost less than an SUV or even most estate cars while also providing almost as much space and better performance on the road.

Estate or SUV for a family

On the other hand, if your family is comprised of 5 (or more) people, or if you tend to go on road trips with a lot of stuff and possibly even extra people, it's sensible to buy a larger estate car or a SUV with three rows of seats. Now you may ask why not a minivan? Well, firstly because SUV's tend to be safer and drive better, that's just a fact. More so, MPV's tend to be a lot less reliable and somewhat less comfortable when it comes to entertainment, optional extras and ride quality. So, when it comes to packing and travelling, it's probably best to pick a SUV or a big estate car for that.

Want something of your own? Do a project

There is also a possibility of building your own project car from scratch. It allows for total freedom of expression and creativity. And all in all, it can be a really rewarding feeling to revive a car back up from scratch.

However, one must take into account the fact that doing so takes a lot of money, still and a lot of time as well. It is important to be knowledgeable in engineering and car repairs as well as being patient. But, for that you are rewarded with the possibility to install different and more appealing parts than the stock version, for example a new engine, a better gearbox, custom wood steering wheels, bigger rims, louder exhausts, etc.