Volvo Independent Drive System Volvo Cars strikes with the development of one more incredible function: autonomous driving on completely new level. Staying true to its devotion to bring us extremely safe and functional vehicles, the well-known vehicle manufacturer announced that it is working on an intelligent, high bandwidth and streaming capabilities with its technology partner, Ericsson in order to ensure that in the near future drivers and passengers will get the most out of their time while travelling in Volvo vehicles. How cool is that?

The Incredible Interruption-free media streaming

Autonomous drive will bring new heights for the mobile net demands. The alliance between Volvo and Ericsson focuses on creating a consistent and high-bandwidth coverage over densely populated areas as city centers and suburbs, based on the believe of increased need of such technology.

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Utilising Ericsson's network and cloud experience, Volvo brand aims to deliver high-quality, interrupt-free experience and by predicting your route and looking ahead at network conditions, the brand will ensure tailored content to the duration of each trip and intelligently buffered option to deliver a high quality viewing experience.

Volvo Independent Drive System

And by learning the most common routes and times of travel and "learning" the preferences of every single driver, future Volvo vehicles will be even able to provide one-click navigation and personalized customer preference, based on list of potential media. This approach will ensure customer's choice about routes and will also calculate the individual time for every single driver and his behavior on the road.

Source: Volvo Cars