Transformers 5 Bumblebee front and side viewTransformers: The Last Knight is the fifth episode of the movie series, which is about to be released on 23rd of June next year. There is more than a year to go, but still the interest among fans is very high. Director Michael Bay knows that and has just published the first image of the Bumblebee, based on the Chevy Camaro and specifically made for the film.If you remember the last time Bay done this (previewing the Bumblebee Concept for the Transformers 4), then you should also know that it caused a little bit of disappointment among fans. They thought that the car is more than "overdone" and that it has nothing to do with reality (pictures included in the link below).

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Unlike the previous version, the new Bumblebee features an aggressive front fascia, which looks a lot like the recently released 2017 Camaro. This actually hints to the fact that the concept might actually hit production. Or? We don't have enough details to confirm that, but we are still hoping.What do we see here? The Bumblebee above features a lot more than an aggressive body kit. It exudes style and temper, which is the perfect combination needed for future blockbusters like Transformers 5. However, the changes we see here are a brand new front splitter and ventilated vents, ventilated hood, air ducts as well as LED fog lights. The sides are adorned by new skiers, while the rear carries a brand new carbon made wing. And have you spotted the black paint coated five-spoke alloys? Aren't they cool?The only problem we have with the production variant of this car is that it would be extremely expensive and will have a very limited market. If… it happens. After all, the audience is mainly under 18. More teasers are coming so stay tuned!