The New BMW 1 Series Convertible is the first premium compact drop-top from BMW in three decades. Blending BMW's renowned driving dynamics and performance with class-leading economy and efficiency, the BMW 1 Series Convertible delivers driver enjoyment and low running costs in equal measure.

The range spans the smooth and responsive 2.0-litre 115 kW 120i Convertible to the hot-shot 135i twin turbo straight six 135i Convertible, and includes the 3.0-litre straight six-cylinder 125i model, meaning there is a 1 Series Convertible available to suit all tastes in this growing market segment. The two straight six-cylinder engines, powering the 125i and 135i, balance performance and refinement to offer the best in open-air driving dynamics, and of course the 135i engine is the reigning International Engine of the Year, as featured in the 135i Coupe. BMW's new four-seat convertible features the same cutting-edge BMW technology as its larger, more expensive brethren. One such key feature of the 1 Series Convertible is that all cars come as standard with Boston Leather upholstery incorporating BMW's innovative SunReflective leather technology. This helps to lower the surface temperature of the upholstery on a hot day by up to 20 degrees Centigrade compared with a normally upholstered leather seat. The New BMW 1 Series Convertible is also ahead of the game, since, unlike some
competitors, it has a fully automatic powered roof. This action can be undertaken while driving at speeds of up to 40 km/h, allowing the driver to let the sun in or keep the rain out while travelling slowly in traffic.

The New BMW 1 Series Convertible is on sale now with deliveries from the 39-strong BMW Dealer network commencing on 20 May 2008. The range is priced from $52,900 for the 120i six-speed manual, from $63,400 for the 125i six-speed manual and $78,400 for the 135i six-speed manual. Prices do not include dealer delivery and statutory costs. A six-speed automatic transmission complete with steering wheel mounted paddle shifts (on six-cylinder models) is available as an option at extra cost.

"The arrival of the New BMW 1 Series Convertible gives BMW the opportunity to set a new dynamic benchmark in the compact premium convertible class," says Tom Noble, General Manager, Marketing, BMW Group Australia.

"The 1 Series has been a huge success in Australia, drawing in many new and younger buyers to the BMW brand. The arrival of the 1 Series Coupe and now the Convertible with its stylish, eye-catching design will enhance the appeal of the BMW brand to younger buyers.

"The choice of a smooth four-cylinder engine or the high-performance twin turbo engined 135i means we will appeal to the widest variety of convertible buyers in the market. Australia is very much focussed on relaxed open-air living so the Convertible will fit right in.

"The essence of such driving purity – a responsive engine positioned within a rear-drive chassis to provide balanced, sporty dynamics – is at the heart and soul of this premium convertible.

"The New BMW 1 Series Convertible delivers a strong, unique product offer never before seen in the compact convertible class.

"The public response we have had to the Convertible in the wake of its reveal in Australia has been phenomenal. Quite patently, the market has been waiting for the arrival a car of this dynamic ability, style and luxury.

"Fitted with outstanding safety features, including a body that is stiffer than any rival, automatic roll over bars, a reinforced A-pillar and head/thorax airbags, the new BMW 1 Series Convertible offers impressive protection.

"And with its very attractive starting price, the BMW 1 Series Convertible has the power to command a very high level of interest across the luxury market. "With our SunReflective technology, the silver effect in the roof fabric and the typical wide range of personalisation options available, customers will be able to build exactly the car they want to suit their lifestyle," Tom said.