2019-Tesla-Model3-910If you're planning to buy a new car in 2020, you'll almost certainly want to know which of the latest makes and models are likely to be the most reliable. Nobody wants their vehicle to be in the auto repair shop more often that it's on the road!

In fact, it may sound a little counterintuitive, but new car models which have recently appeared on the market might not be as reliable when out on the roads as the versions which will appear in a couple of years once the early problems have been ironed out.

Now, the yearly Consumer Reports survey on Auto Reliability reveals which cars the experts believe will hold up best on the roads through 2020, and the results make interesting reading. While brand new models and redesigned vehicles may be big news on social media, it's often the older, more traditional models which come out on top.

Why Should I Wait?

When a vehicle is redesigned or created from scratch, safety, features and fuel economy often improve. However, for consumers who demand the greatest level of reliability, the expert advice is to hold off making the investment for a couple of years until the initial issues which will inevitably arise have all been worked out.

Let's take Tesla as a classic example. Their best-selling Model 3 compact electric car finally earned a recommended from Consumer Reports this year, after having failed in previous years to earn that coveted status. Even now, the recommendation isn't a whole-hearted one. It comes with a caveat. As Tesla updates its wireless technology vehicles on a regular basis, customers may experience unexpected problems at some future point.

What Car Brands Are Coming Out On Top For Reliability?

The Consumer Reports study took as its basis surveys from owners of over 400,000 vehicles which were made over the last three years. The owners were asked to evaluate their car's vehicle infotainment features, safety systems and engine performance along with a number of other aspects. The data was collated and the top performers were then ranked in order.

So, in these latest reliability rankings from Consumer Reports, which car brands are proving to be the most reliable choices for consumers in 2020?

The top spot goes to Lexus, the luxury brand from Toyota, with Toyota cars themselves coming out in third place. Mazda, meanwhile is taking second ranking. Three of the vehicles in the top ten chart were from Korean brands. Kia, Hyundai and Genesis ranked ninth, sixth and fifth respectively. In fact, Korean makes came out ahead of more traditional Japanese brands like Honda and Nissan which ranked in twelfth and eleventh place.

Even these were well ahead of two other major Japanese brands, the Infiniti, which came out thirteenth, and the Acura which is lagging way behind in 28th place. This just goes to show that Korean manufacturing has come on in leaps and bounds over the past few years and can now give the original Japanese contenders a run for their money in terms of reliability.

Meanwhile, two of the top luxury names in the car manufacturing sector fared surprisingly poorly in the ratings. Alfa Romeo, one of Fiat Chrysler Automobiles' brands came out in second last position followed by Cadillac, one of the most exclusive brands in the survey. It just goes to show that a high price tag is no guarantee of reliability on the road!