Like an Arabian stallion collecting its attention for a jump. Concentrated and full of dynamic body tension. This is how the silhouette of the super sports car called STALLION presents itself. But the latest development of the premium refiner HAMANN MOTORSPORT offers far more than a fascinating new aerodynamics concept. The efficiency boost to 630 hp and the HAMANN-sport chassis turn the STALLION into one of the most powerful and fastest sports car in the whole world.

Less roof – more wings

The most striking eye-catcher of the individualised Porsche is the lowered roofline. For this elaborate reconstruction, HAMANN reduces the windows and pillars up to 8 centimetres. Thereby, the reduced front surface diminishes the air resistance and therefore the fuel consumption. Moreover, this relieves the motor drastically while pushing for maximum speed. But that?s not all: HAMANN equips the STALLION with gull-wing doors allowing the door to swing diagonally outward from the body of the car. This proprietary development does not only have an extravagant design, but also an exceptional stability. The combination between the HAMANN front- and rear skirt with the altered heck spoiler profile and the roof spoiler produce additional road grip. Side spoilers between the axles put a finishing tough to the overall appearance.

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Sensational performance based on well-engineered technology

The core of the STALLION is its modified engine. The HAMANN motor technicians enhance the 3.6 litres Boxer Biturbo motor from standard 480 hp / 353 kW to 630 hp / 463 kW at 6,300 rpm. The upgrade also includes two larger VNT (variable nozzle turbochargers), a sport air strainer, a stainless steel exhaust system with metal catalytic converters and a new motor management. These are measures which certainly hit their target. The HAMANN STALLION accelerates to 100 km/h in only 3.3 seconds and is therefore six tenth of a second faster than its serial counterpart. The new maximum speed tag is sensational. With its efficiency boost and the reduced air resistance by HAMANN-Aerodynamics, the STALLION achieves a maximum speed of 359 km/h.

Wheels and chassis – the combination for best roadholding and exclusive appearance

HAMANN developed a sport chassis and a matching wheel-/tyre-combination for the optimal handling of the increased requirements of the STALLION. The three-part HAMANN aluminium wheel named EDITION RACE with its black lacquered star and the titan bolting of the high gloss polished rim flange clearly emphasise the affinity of the Laupheim-based refiner to motor sports. Due to its forge technology production, it is very light and therefore significantly improves the handling- and driving qualities. The wheel-tyre combination is available in 8,5Jx20 inches with tyres measuring 245/30ZR20 in front and 12,0Jx20 rims with 325/25ZR20 tyres at the back. HAMANN recommends top-level tyres type S1 EVO by its technology partnerHANKOOK. Lowering the vehicle centre by 20 mm with HAMANN sport coils also significantly improves the handling.

Perfect combination between motor sports and lifestyle

Only the most precious materials can be found in the STALLION interior. The HAMANN upholsterers only use selected leather for covering the fittings and sport seats. Aluminium gear shift and aluminium pedals make the cockpit gleam in a noble look and perfectly match with the carbon parts of the interior set. Precisely applied embroideries of the HAMANN logo in the floor mats and headrests set further creative accents. All of these features complement one another in a stylish symbioses of motor sports flair and lifestyle