Audi A3 Audi Q5Good news for Audi lovers out there! The latest A5 and Q2 models have been awarded with top grades in the NCAP test! This confirms that both babes are not only super functional and sexy, but also can endure on any road challenge that threatens the safety of driver and passengers.

So, what impressed the judges? First of all, both vehicles offer superior adult and child safety all along with pedestrian protection features. The vehicles are geared with revised Emergency Braking system that was recently recognized as one of the best that Audi has ever made, Emergency Braking assist and Audi Pre Sense Suite. To be honest, these alone are enough to ensure a safe and comfortable ride, but Audi engineers did not stop here.

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The Audi Pre Sense suite comes with system that scans the road for other vehicles, pedestrians and obstacles, using a windshield-mounted camera. Also, in case the driving speed is high and there are some obstacles in front of the vehicle, the autonomous brake will try to reduce or even prevent the crash and bring anyone in the vehicle back home without a scratch. Cool, isn't it? Also, the Audi A5 features wide range of assistance goodies that further enhance the pleasure and comfort of driving. Such are the Collision Avoidance Assist, Turn Assist Monitors and more.

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Long story short, the new A5 an Q2 machines are not only beautiful and powerful, but they are also super trustworthy. And it is worth checking them out!

Source: Audi