The Saab 9-3X, making its public debut, is the focal point of the stand. A rugged all-rounder with a SportCombi body, advanced all-wheel-drive and a choice of gasoline, diesel or BioPower flex-fuel engines, it is designed to be equally at home on rough or smooth surfaces. In common with 9-3 diesel models now offering reduced CO2 emissions, it is the latest example of Saab's unfolding EcoPower product development strategy.

Main highlights on the Saab stand:

World Premiere: The Saab 9-3X is a versatile sport wagon equipped to handle rough terrain with a raised ride height and sure-footed grip from Saab's cutting edge XWD system. With distinctive looks, including new bumpers and a protective lower body treatment, the 9-3X offers a lighter alternative to heavier and larger Crossovers or SUVs. The 210 hp/155 kW, 2.0-liter turbo engine couples Saab's E85-capable BioPower technology with all-wheel-drive for the first time. A 180 hp/132 kW, two-stage 1.9-liter turbo diesel option is also available with two-wheel drive transmission.

Saab's most popular 9-3 diesel models now offer reduced CO2 emissions and improved fuel consumption, without any noticeable loss in performance. In Linear and Vector specification, 9-3 Sport Sedans powered by the 150 hp/110 kW or 180 hp/132 kW, two-stage turbo 1.9-liter diesel engines emit CO2 at just 139 gm/km. In terms of CO2 grams per horsepower, the 1.9TTiD models are among the top performers in their class.

Saab EcoPower Technology combines the enjoyment of a dynamic driving experience with an efficient use of resources to achieve responsible performance. The 9-3X and diesel models with lower CO2 are the latest steps in this development strategy, which embraces turbocharging, engine rightsizing, Saab BioPower, aerodynamic performance and weight-saving design.

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