2015 Rolls-Royce Suhail Collection is the first Collection to be offered on Phantom, Ghost and Wraith models. And if you wonder where the name has come from, it is inspired by one of the brightest star constellations in the sky carrying the same name. It actually celebrates the work of the Arabic mathematician, astronomer and physicist Ibn al-Haitham. He has been considered as the father of theoretical physics. Or in other words, this is the person who greatly influenced the Western scientific thinking.

The 10th Century scientist took inspiration by this star just by observing it. His best known work is the Book of Optics (Kitab al-Manazir), which was translated into Latin in the 13th century. It has influenced a number of key Western scientific thinkers such as the famous Leonardo Da Vinci and Galileo Galilei. He is also the first scientist to realize that light enters the eye rather than leaving it.

This Suhail Rolls-Royce celebrates his influence the scientist had on Eastern and Western science. The exterior of the lineup of vehicles is inspired by astronomy and features unique moonstone pearl colour. This paint scheme evokes colour of the stars at night.

At the same time, the Suhail star emblem completes aTurchese Blue coachline inspired by the colour of the night sky when Suhail is visible. Inside, the same design theme is continued via the combination of Crem é Light leather with Turchese accents. They are framed by a Navy Blue instrument panel top and carpets.

We can also see Suhail star emblems that are worked into the marquetry on the Ash Burr wood fascia. Only the Wraith and Phantom models include a Starlight Headliner. At last, the luxury cabin is also adorned by Bespoke clock in colour matched to the interior. If you look carefully you will see that on its face are depicted the Suhail Ursa Minor and Major constellations.

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