Kwid is a brand new SUV by Renault, which features all the necessary innovations and attractive characteristics that the contemporary customer needs to see. Positioned in the A-segment, the car has robust and stylish exterior, as well as comfortable interior with a lot of features like the Media-Nav navigation and multimedia system or the large seven-inch touchscreen display and Bluetooth connectivity.


Starting with the exterior, Kwid is distinguished by specific styling complemented by the new ‘Outback Bronze' color. With high ground clearance of 180mm this car exudes an impression of strength and reliability. In total, the vehicle is 3.68 meters long and 1.58 meters wide, which makes it perfect for families.

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At the front we see bold and structured grille, which additionally highlights the logo of the SUV. The head lights feature Renault's new lighting signature with a ‘C'-shaped chrome trim.

At the sides, we find rectangular forms of the black wheel arches that make the car more muscular, while the lower door decor underlines the Kwid's robust character. At the rear, the bumper gets black trim, while the tailgate spoiler comes in body color.


Everything about this interior is modern, starting with the design and ending with the technology features. The horizontal, uncluttered lines of the dashboard enhance the feeling of luxury. The black accents from the outside can be also seen on the inside, for example – on the center console.

The instrument cluster and the chrome air vent surrounds also contribute towards this contemporary feeling. In the dashboard is positioned the multimedia system with Media-Nav. All in all, Kwid is very spacious and comfortable, and also has great load capacity.

2016 Renault Kwid is specifically intended for the international markets and will be launched in India in the second half of this year.

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