Starting today, the new Passat CC will be presenting itself to buyers. The dynamic saloon coupé will be on display at dealerships throughout the country. The sporty design of this new Volkswagen is coupled with coupé-like contours. The Passat CC also offers a multitude of technical innovations, such as the "Lane Assist" active lane-guidance system and "DCC" adaptive chassis control. The new, automatic DCC system combines the athletic quality of a coupé with the comfort of a top saloon. Another unique feature of the Passat CC is the "Lane Assist" guidance system. Should the vehicle be about to drift out of its lane, this assistant will intervene with corrective steering. Volkswagen is offering the Passat CC in combination with ultra-modern direct-injection engines only. The entry-level engine is a TSI system with 118 kW (160 PS) at a starting price of 30,300 euro. The next-level engine is a 147 kW (200 PS) TSI with impressive torque and fuel-consumption qualities. This vehicle version comes at a price of 32,975 euro. The most powerful petrol engine in the Passat CC range is a 3.6-litre, six-cylinder engine with 220 kW (300 PS) and with 4Motion permanent all-wheel drive as a standard feature. This vehicle version, fitted with an automatic DSG double-clutch gearbox, is available from 40,800 euro.

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At the time of its market launch, the Passat CC will also be available with an economic yet high-torque TDI engine. This common-rail diesel engine offers 103 kW (140 PS) and is available in the basic version from 30,775 euro. The range of engines for the Passat CC will be further expanded in late summer to include a TDI engine unit with 125 kW (170 PS) which will be available at a price from 32,775 euro. Both TDI engines may be ordered in combination with an optional DSG dual-clutch gearbox.