2021 Cupra BornCUPRA engineers have spent about two years testing the new Born at the 62km2 frozen lake circuit just a few miles from the Arctic Pole.

In this aggressive environment, where temperatures often reach -30 degrees, engineers used some advanced tech approaches in order to refine and enhance the driving capabilities of the Cupra Born. Now in the final stages of testing before launch, technicians are pushing the fully electric car to its limits in severe conditions.

The examinations include durability testing, where about 19,000 test miles have been accumulated day and night. The aim is to ensure that Born delivers the best possible performance even in the most extreme conditions. What the experts were also after is the optimization of the Dynamic Chassis Control and the flexibility of the dampers.

2021 Cupra Born

Despite being 2,500 miles away from the Technical Centre in Barcelona, the engineers used state-of-the-art technologies like 3D printers in order to ensure the best possible performance and dynamics.

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The world premiere of the fully electric CUPRA will be in May this year. Stick with us for further information.

2021 Cupra Born

Source: Cupra