Mitsubishi has released the first images of its Colt ClearTec, which has been specially wrapped for its forthcoming outing at this year's Revolve Eco-Rally on Monday 8th June.

The full-vehicle wrap has been specially designed to highlight the funky design of the car, along with the key message that Mitsubishi's ClearTec environmental technologies make a huge difference to CO2 emissions and increased MPG without having to compromise on performance at high costs.

The Colt CZ2 ClearTec reduces CO2 emissions by 24g/km (17%) to 119g/km over the regular CZ2, whilst delivering as much as 65.7 MPG.[1] With a price premium of just £500 and VED of just £35 per annum, the ClearTec proves that expensive diesel engines for small cars are not the only option, especially when fuel prices are nearing 10 pence difference between petrol and diesel.

Mitsubishi Colt CZ2 ClearTec 3-door, extra-urban mode