M&D Exclusive Cardesign made something very impressive: they have converted a 650i Coupe into a monstrous M6. Even more, they claim that this car can outperform any M6. The powerful transformation started with the installation of a special PD6XX-wide-body kit. The result is an increased width at the front axle via the new mudguards as well as at the rear axle via massive new side walls. Wide side sills with swords connect the front and the rear.

In addition, the tuners added at the front completely bumper with lateral flaps and a spoiler sword. What is more, they gave the 650i the performance kidneys of the M6. Can you see the BMW logo on the motor cowl? Don't look for it, because it was removed. Air escapes trough new special air outlets.

At the back, the 650i features entirely new design. This is a result of the addition of new rear bumper with integrated diffusor and a rear flap spoiler. This BMW model also received a new full coat of paint in mineral white metallic. In contrast, parts such as the front spoiler lip, the rear diffuser, the roof and the rear flap spoiler are painted in a glossy black.

The M&D BMW 650i runs on gold. Of course, not literally. The car got new glossy gold Rennen forged light-weight metal wheels. For the front, the size combination for the wheels and tyres is 10x21 inch and 255/30R21, while for the rear, it is 11.5x21 inch and 295/25R21. The rubbers are Continental Sport Contact 5.

The wheel rims cover red brake callipers. To further strengthen the athletic stance of the car, the tuners lowered its chassis with special sports springs. More importantly, the sporty spirit of the 650i was supported with optimization of its engine.

After a software optimization, the engine of the M&D BMW 650i now generates 510hp and 750Nm.

This happened via software, thus helping the vehicle reach 510 hp (375 kW) and a maximum torque of nearly 750Nm (554 lb-ft). The engine compartment was also visually improved. Its cover was painted in three colours: racing red, deep black and white.

The new sport exhaust system with two black-chrome-plated sharp, diagonally cut and slightly offset 80 mm end tubes each, as well as a pre-muffler replacement by X-Pipe ensure that the engine will produce better sound.

But the tuning does not end with the exterior. Inside, M&D also applied comprehensive improvements. BMW M-technology leather steering wheel was padded for better control and covered with Nappa, smooth & punched leather.

Furthermore, the steering wheel bracket and the switching rockers were painted in red. The same color was applied on the door openers and the start/stop button. The tuners refined the decorative strips in glossy black ad combined it with a red ornamental stripe.

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Source: M&D Exclusive Cardesign