2021-McLaren-Albert-910McLaren Special Operations unveils the "Albert" Speedtail, an exclusive commission by Mclaren Beverly Hills.

This is one of the final vehicles in the 106-car Speedtail production run and it pays homage to the first Speedtail car from 2018. The vehicle was developed in order to validate the concept of the Speedtail's central seat position, and to enhance the driving ergonomics and visibility.

In terms of exterior, the design team decided to go with camouflage coverage and with a simple two-metre vinyl body wrap with design lines that represent the optimized airflow of the body. Also, some of the exclusive colors include a Magnum Silver, the color of the F1 road car that was first unveiled back in 1992 at the Monaco Grand Prix and Ueno Grey, the choice for the F1 GTR that won the 24 Hours of Le Mans back in 1995.

New Albert is built by McLaren Production Centre and features numerous carbon-fibre components, complex and detailed paintwork, and, as expected advanced drivetrain system.

 The name Albert has a special resonance with MSO, as we are the custodians of the McLaren F1 and are based at the Albert Drive premises that McLaren Cars occupied in the 1990s. The Speedtail experience has been an exciting journey for our customers, from visualising their imaginations to realising these inspirations and sharing their delight when unveiling the finished product. ‘Albert' brings this project to a conclusion and we are thrilled to finish on a high note. Ansar Ali, Managing Director, McLaren Special Operations

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The Albert Speedtail will make its public debut at Sunset GT, hosted by O'Gara Beverly Hills, which takes place on Sunday 8th August 2021 in Sunset Plaza, Los Angeles, USA.