Mcchip-DKR-Mini-John-Cooper-Works-TFSI-DSG-mediumHow often do you get to see some tuner house behind the scenes action? Most of the time it's just figures and dyno graphs. Ever wondered what it takes to actually do a proper overhaul?

If you have, it's your lucky day. The guys at Mcchip-DKR have the uncanny idea to lift and transplant a Volkswagen TFSI engine. The recipient? A Mini John Cooper Works. Apparently, the JCW Mini's 208 hp and 261 Nm of torque just don't make the cut. Mcchip are anticipating a much more volatile end product with 340 to 350 hp.

The Mini's new heart, a VAG 2.0 TFSI engine, is supposed to get new pistons and rods before the transfer. A Stage 3 kit (VLN Package) should yeald the desired power output. The rest of the JCW drive train has also been scrapped in favour of a DQ250 DSG transmission and a Drexler differential lock.

Judging by the provided picture material, we'd reckon Mcchip are going through quite a lot of hassle. If, however, everything goes as planned, this should be one demonic piece of work.

Mcchip-DKR-Mini-John-Cooper-Works-TFSI-DSG 02Mcchip-DKR-Mini-John-Cooper-Works-TFSI-DSG 03Mcchip-DKR-Mini-John-Cooper-Works-TFSI-DSG 04Mcchip-DKR-Mini-John-Cooper-Works-TFSI-DSG 05Mcchip-DKR-Mini-John-Cooper-Works-TFSI-DSG 06Mcchip-DKR-Mini-John-Cooper-Works-TFSI-DSG 07Mcchip-DKR-Mini-John-Cooper-Works-TFSI-DSG 08Mcchip-DKR-Mini-John-Cooper-Works-TFSI-DSG 09

Source: Mcchip-DKR