2020 Mazda Kodo Design Concept Introduced back in 2012, Mazda's exclusive Kodo design philosophy and its ability to breathe life into the vehicle has been a focal point for the brand in the past decade or so. Being the main reason for numerous award-winning models, as, for example, the Red dot and World Car Awards for the Mazda3 and Red Dot product design recognition for both MX-30 and CX-30.

Kodo design concept also remains central to the brand's desire to constantly improve itself and deliver better and better products to its fellow customers.

2020 Mazda Kodo Design Concept

Although certain design tenets remain vital for the entire concept, its constant evolution is inevitable – the natural progression from generation to generation and from lineup to lineup is clearly seen. Mazda engineers explain it with the need for customers to understand that along with the futuristic and alien-ish vision comes a great deal more advanced and revised technical features that also deserve attention. And what better way of presenting them than embodying the gadgets with some new and super appealing visuals!

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There are three main elements known to the Japanese known as Yohaku or Ma: the beauty of the empty space, Sori – curves and the aim to balance and Utsuroi: the play of light and shade. All these philosophical concepts are adopted by Mazda engineers and are manifested in all contemporary machines in brand's lineup. As it seems, the Japanese at and the elegance of the curves and lines remains vital for all Mazda vehicles and it is quite a pleasure for us to know that future models will feature even more refined and perfected design language!

2020 Mazda Kodo Design Concept

Source: Mazda