2021 BMW Manhart MH2 GTR1

"Wait a minute! Haven't I seen this car before?" This is a question that one or two petrolheads may ask themselves upon seeing the MANHART MH2 GTR. Rightly so, as the family resemblance to the MH4 GTR, based on the M4 DTM Champion Edition, is striking, which MANHART Performance rolled into the limelight last September. So now comes the "little brother", which in turn is based on a no less high-caliber sports machine.

The basis is the spearhead of the BMW F87 M2 series, the CS. The specialists from MANHART Performance in Wuppertal have also significantly upgraded this limited-edition, lightweight sports car with both visual and technical upgrades.

The MH2 GTR attracts attention with its spectacular looks, where the design references the motorsport sibling, the M2 CS racing, complimented with the MANHART carbon rear wing. Pure track flair is also conveyed by the MANHART carbon fiber fenders with striking air outlets.

MANHART pushes the output of the factory-supplied 450 hp and 550 Nm 3.0 in-line six-cylinder biturbo engine to a whopping 600 hp, which is backed up by a mighty torque mountain of 830 Nm. In addition to a MANHART turbo performance kit and a MANHART intercooler by CSF, including aluminum charge pipes, a MANHART carbon intake by ARMA is also used. The exhaust gases from the twin-turbocharged S55 unit roar through a MANHART stainless steel exhaust system with valve control, which connects to MANHART sports downpipes, with 300-cell catalytic converters (without TÜV, for export only) and flows into four carbon-sheathed 100-mm tailpipes. Finally, the maps were optimized for the new hardware conditions via a MANHART ECU remapping. In order to be able to transmit the power efficiently to the rear wheels, the 7-speed DCU has been equipped with a MANHART transmission upgrade.

Helping the MH2 GTR achieve even more agility and cornering dynamics are the MANHART Suspension Upgrades by H&R, with in-house tuning as well as the in-house produced, Concave One forged wheels in matte black, which were mounted in 9x20 inches with Michelin Pilot Sport Cup 2 tyres in 255/30ZR20 on the steering axle and 10.5x20 inches with 295/25ZR20 tires on the drive axle.

MANHART Performance offer optional individually configurable upgrades for the brake system. This is left as standard on the vehicle pictured.

Rounding off the package, the cockpit has also received some refinements: From the Recaro sports seats, the driver has perfect access to the valance refined with carbon steering wheel spokes from the BMW M Performance program as well as the DKG selector lever upgraded in the same way. A data display integrated into the center console at the position of the left air vent also provides the driver with information on all important engine operating parameters and driving dynamics measured values.

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