2015 Lotus EliseSince the first Elise, that was introduced in 1995, Lotus has kept its incredible style and performance on the highest levels. The so called "small car platform" maintains the well known incredible standards, that include weight and fuel efficiency, and at the same time delivers unseen performance and pleasure of driving. As you know, the "small car platform" is defined by models like the Elise, Exige, Europa, 2-Eleven.

Since its first days on the market, Lotus sets its high standards, that  influence not just one, but every brand in the motor industry. Meanwhile Lotus team continues the development and upgrading of its own system and technology.

Jean-Marc Gales, CEO for Group Lotus plc says that 1995 wasn't just a landmark for some past and glorious period. The brand, he ensures us, continues to expand, improve and deliver the best and most anticipated vehicles on the market.

Mr. Gales continues:"We are especially delighted that the 40,000th version of our small car platform will underpin, appropriately, an Elise 20th Anniversary model, the latest Elise model that celebrates our landmark achievements. Looking to the future, the platform will continue to be developed, improved upon and form a solid and dependable base for future new models demonstrating the production flexibility of the technology and its importance to Lotus."

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Source: Lotus