2019 Lincoln Aviator Even the mundane road trips can become a trilling journey with the new Lincoln Aviator machine. Thanks to vehicle's advanced and revised Adaptive Suspension and Road Preview system, driver and passengers can enjoy a smooth and rewarding driving course.

Lincoln's own Adaptive Suspension system uses a suite of 12 sensors that monitor vehicle's motion, steering, acceleration and braking activities and then make fine adjustments to the overall engine and drivetrain system.

Furthermore, suspension's pothole mitigation can sense when a wheel is dropping into a dip and stiffens the shock absorber in order to reduce the amount of drop, which further lessens the harshness of a tire strike. Each wheel works independently, which allows the vehicle to tailor its response at any given road surface and situation.

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The advanced technologies in new Aviator work together in order to handle any unexpected condition. Paired with Adaptive Suspension and Road Preview, the vehicle can use its front camera to read the road surface and spot speed bumps, frost heaves and other height deviations. Additional refinement can be achieved by specifying the vehicle with Air Glide Suspension, which replaces the traditional coil springs with guided air ones, enabling several preset ride heights for increased comfort and capability.

Source: Lincoln